Flash flood warning in Houston as storm picks up

ABC News' Victor Oquendo reports on Hurricane Harvey from Houston, Texas.
1:49 | 08/26/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Flash flood warning in Houston as storm picks up
Back now with our breaking coverage of hurricane Harvey. The city of Houston is dealing with what is just the start of Harvey's extended deluge. ABC's victooquendo is joining us now there this morning on how this monster storm is affecting that city of Houston, Victor, good morning. Reporter: Good morning, Amy and Dan. Right now things are starting to really pick up in the Houston area. Hands down the strongest rain and wind that we've seen so far overnight and into the morning. And just about an hour ago all of our phones went off, a flash flood warning in effect for the next few hours here. Right now the message from the mayor, stay safe, stay put. Do not hit the roadways. Right next to a busy roadway, 59 south. Normally very busy. Right now light traffic passing by at the moment. As far as evacuations, the mayor does not want to see that. Urging them it stay off the roadway. In Rita a number tried to leave and led to medical emergencies and 100 died trying to flee the city. Pore dying trying to evacuate than the hurricane itself. The major concern is the flooding. We think of 2001 and tropical storm Allison which is just %-pwidespread damagetothisentire area. Tens of thousands of homes destroyed. 23 people died. Since then the city has spent a ton of money, nearly a billion dollars to shore up those bayous to make sure they don't see the overfilling they did in 2001. One more note here. The census bureau says since 2008, 650,000 people have moved to the Houston area, that means that's a lot of people more than half a million to never have seen a storm like this bracing for rain. They need to get the message they can be not be complacent. Cannot go out and drive especially tonight. Victor Oquendo, thank you very much for reporting in from Houston.

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{"duration":"1:49","description":"ABC News' Victor Oquendo reports on Hurricane Harvey from Houston, Texas.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"49434317","title":"Flash flood warning in Houston as storm picks up","url":"/GMA/video/flash-flood-warning-houston-storm-picks-49434317"}