Flash Floods, Heavy Snow Slow Thanksgiving Travel

Heavy snow stranded passengers and turned Thursday into a "white Thanksgiving" for millions of people.
2:56 | 11/27/15

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Transcript for Flash Floods, Heavy Snow Slow Thanksgiving Travel
with that dangerous holiday storm slamming the middle of the country causing flash flooding and blanketing parts of America with snow and ice and ABC's aditi Roy kicking us off this morning from Denver. Aditi, good morning to you. Reporter: Good morning, Dan. Boy, these hand warmers are coming in handy. It is frigid here at the Denver airport with temperatures in the single digits and across the middle of the country, heavy rain creating treacherous conditions. This morning, flash floods pounding Texas. Be advised doing a water rescue right now on I-17. Reporter: The raging waters swallowing vehicles in its path prompting at least ten emergency high water rescues near Dallas, one deputy officer washed away during the search for a missing driver. She saw a lady's life was in danger and she dropped her gun, dropped her heavy equipment and went into the water to make that rescue. Reporter: Later the officer found hanging on to a tree. Located the deputy. We are trying to get her out of a tree right now. Reporter: Heavy rain putting the yearly total at more than 53 1/2 inches, a new record. Meanwhile, huge swaths of snow and ice sweeping the heartland. Turning Turkey day into a white Thanksgiving for millions. Here in Colorado more than 200 flights delayed at Denver international airport. Triggering a travel nightmare for hundreds of stranded passengers. It's frustrating. You can see large parts of the runway glazed in snow. When the weather hits you will see the increase in accidents. Reporter: Accidents plaguing holiday travelers across the prairies. Slippery conditions ditching cars to the roadside. One after another. Gusts of 30 miles an hour blowing the ice. The sleet's actually pretty painful. Reporter: And back here in Denver, the snow has let up. That's certainly good news but with those icy conditions that he big challenge. Stay warm. This storm is a beast on the move this morning and rob Marciano is tracking it all. We have allowed him to emerge from behind the weather wall. Good morning again, sir. A lot to talk about. A multifaceted storm system and ongoing water rescues across parts of Texas. Look at these advisories across the plains. Winter storm warnings, ice warnings, more importantly for the next 48 hours is the heavy rain falling from midland to Dallas up through Tulsa and St. Louis. There's your ice, obviously, but the rain keeps going for a good two days so we're looking at flooding rains here, Dallas has already broken their record for the year and we're not even into December. Could see another 8 inches of rainfall. Much more on this plus the fog in the northeast. Dan, Paula. I think whether we like it or not winter is coming. Are we ready to accept that fact? You sound like "Game of thrones." I didn't mean that. Holiday scare at the white house.

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{"duration":"2:56","description":"Heavy snow stranded passengers and turned Thursday into a \"white Thanksgiving\" for millions of people.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35441961","title":"Flash Floods, Heavy Snow Slow Thanksgiving Travel","url":"/GMA/video/flash-floods-heavy-snow-slow-thanksgiving-travel-35441961"}