Air Algerie Passenger Jet Disappears from Radar

More than 100 people are missing after the red-eye left Burkina Faso.
1:47 | 07/24/14

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Transcript for Air Algerie Passenger Jet Disappears from Radar
another passenger jet disappears, this time in Africa. ABC's David Kerley is tracking the latest. Reporter: It has been a grim week in aviation with what appears to be another tragedy. Here's what we know at this point this morning from Africa. An air algerie flight from Burkina Faso, Algeria lost contact from controllers and disappeared from radar. It was operated by a Spanish company for air algiers and on board, a total of 116 people. The breakdown, 110 passengers and a crew of 6. The jet was 50 minutes into its flight when contact was lost. It was flying basically as you saw a south to north route from that small african nation to algiers, the capital of Algeria. It was a red-high. A French weather channel is suggesting the jetliner on its flight of about four hours may have run into a violent thunderstorm as we see, George, this actually is near the country of Mali and that is a conflict zone. There is an Al Qaeda affiliate there. It's unlikely that Al Qaeda affiliate had the missiles that could hit a passenger jet. You're right because this would have been flying at altitude, 33,000. They do have shoulder-launched missiles but that's when an aircraft is near the ground landing or taking off so unlikely very early to say this but unlike it was a missile. It's missing for about ten something hours. Any explanation but a crash. Could it still be flying? Reporter: It's really unlikely, George. You wouldn't want to carry that much fuel. You'd carry an extra hour so for the four-hour flight you'd probably have five hours of fuel on board. We are ten hours after this red-eye disappeared so it's unlikely it could still be flying anywhere. A lot to be learned coming in from Africa. I know you're tracking it. David, thanks very much. Difficult time in aviation. To the extreme weather. Severe storms from coast to

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{"duration":"1:47","description":"More than 100 people are missing after the red-eye left Burkina Faso.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24691020","title":"Air Algerie Passenger Jet Disappears from Radar","url":"/GMA/video/flight-disappears-air-algerie-red-eye-missing-radar-24691020"}