Chain of Explosions at Propane Gas Plant

At least eight injured in a blast at a Blue Rhino plant with 53,000 propane tanks on site.
2:06 | 07/30/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Chain of Explosions at Propane Gas Plant
It's like a scene out of a movie, looking at it like that. Let's get right to the breaking news. The propane plant exploding in florida. Steve osunsami. Steve? Reporter: The plant makes the cylinders that you exchange at the grocery store. There were 53,000 of them that caught fire and blew up. What you hear exploding in this video from the scene are the propane tanks found on almost every home grill in america. For hundreds of families near this gas plant, a half-hour northwest of orlando, it was a frightening night. The first round of explosions rocked their peace and quiet at 11:30 and continued for half an hour. After midnight, the blasts started back up again. The whole house shook. The windows shook. Everything. Reporter: Giant waves of smoke filled the night sky. And authorities were telling residents the air was safe to breathe. At least eight workers at the blue rhino propane plant were hurt in the blast, as they scrambled for cover. Some of them were badly burned. This morning, four are in critical condition, rushed by helicopters to the closest hospitals. I heard this loud boom. And it sounded like a car had driven into my house. Reporter: Blue rhino, the company that sells the propane tanks, had a crew of about 25 people working at the plant when the explosions began. At one point, they feared the worst. But this morning, officials are reporting that no one was killed. I was outside in my driveway, looking at the orange plumes and the flashes in the sky and hearing the booms. So, it is no doubt a miracle that no one has been reported as having died. Reporter:50 homes were evacuated a mile out from the plant. Some families spent the night at a church shelter, but they are safe. This morning, authorities say the fire is contained and won't spread. Authorities aren't sure what caused the fire. But they have federal investigators on the scene this morning, looking into it.

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{"id":19812676,"title":"Chain of Explosions at Propane Gas Plant ","duration":"2:06","description":"At least eight injured in a blast at a Blue Rhino plant with 53,000 propane tanks on site.","url":"/GMA/video/florida-gas-plant-explosion-video-2013-chain-explosions-19812676","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}