Florida Prison Fugitives Forged Documents to Escape

All-out manhunt for two extremely dangerous convicts continues.
2:25 | 10/19/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Florida Prison Fugitives Forged Documents to Escape
We're going to turn to the developments in the outrageous escape of two killers that used forged documents to break out of prison. Pierre thomas has the latest on how it happened and the all-out man-hunt to find the two extremely dangerous men who now have a price on their heads. Good morning, pierre. Reporter: Good morning, bianna. The killers are on the run. They vanished. And the concern today, they have a huge head start. This morning, an intensive manhunt is under way, canvassing the entire state of florida. A $5,000 reward per man for the capture of two convicted killers. These individuals have murdered individuals in this community. And so, we want to bring them back to justice. Reporter: In 1998, joseph jenkins killed a father of six children in orlando. Charles walker fatally shot a 23-year-old man in orange county a year later. And emptied a 9 millimeter in my son. Reporter: Jacobs and walker were serving life sentences. But they walked out of prison weeks ago, after someone created cord orders. The documents looked authentic. Proper letterhead. Signatures from prosecutors. Even the chief judge. They took my signature and pasted it to the order. They had to have outside help because in one of those documents, it was actually filed here in the courthouse. Reporter: Joseph jenkins' attorney says his client needed the assistance because he's not that smart. He walked into home invasion robbery with a ski mask battled up. When they called him by name, he pulled the mask down. Reporter: The inmates may not be that smart. But they are clearly dangerous. We're scared. If he doesn't come after my family, it's possible he kills somebody else. Concerned for my own safety because he knows where I live. Reporter: Embarrassed authorities are vowing to fix the system. This is frustrating to all of us who work in the season. Reporter: And now will require prison officials to notify judges before releasing violent offenders. This morning, u.S. Marshals and state police are talking to family, friends and associates of the escapees to narrow down where they might be. There's evidence the men knew each other. Dan? Bianna? Let's hope they find them. Let's look at the other overnight headlines.

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{"id":20621075,"title":"Florida Prison Fugitives Forged Documents to Escape","duration":"2:25","description":"All-out manhunt for two extremely dangerous convicts continues.","url":"/GMA/video/florida-prison-fugitives-forged-documents-escape-20621075","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}