Florida Sen. Marco Rubio Discusses the New Hampshire Primary

The Republican presidential hopeful remains confident his Iowa momentum will carry him through New Hampshire.
2:46 | 02/09/16

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Transcript for Florida Sen. Marco Rubio Discusses the New Hampshire Primary
I'm joined by senator Marco Rubio. Election day right now and, boy, since that debate on Saturday night, all your opponents are piling on. Jeb bush piling on, Chris Christie, John kasich, Donald Trump, all questioning whether you're ready to be president. They smell blood. Yeah, but that's what campaigns do. Great to be targeted. That means you're doing something right. People don't waste time or money on people who aren't doing well. Today is election day in new Hampshire and we feel good about our team and I think voters realize I give the republican party the best chance to win. I'm as conservative as anyone in the field and so today's the day and I'm excited. Have they gotten in your head even that glitch last night repeating yourself again. No, I'm doing it -- I'm not going to stop saying what I'm saying. We believe -- my whole campaign is built on this idea that the country's headed in the wrong direction as a result of deliberate effort on the part of this president to put in place policies that change the relationship of government to our economy and America's role in the world so I'm going -- that is the core of our campaign. We look forward to continuing to say that. Can you still come in second. I don't know where we'll finish in terms of second, third our fourth. I know trump is a clear front-runner. And some people haven't campaigned anywhere else but here so it's a pretty unusual setup today but we feel really good and looking to finish strong and head on to south Carolina. That campaign really begins a 13-day sprint that begins Wednesday but we'll finish strong here. We have a great team here and obviously everyone needs to vote today. One in five voters make up their mind on the last day. Right. For those watching. If the debate gave them pause, what's your pitch to them? Look, first of all, I don't think it gave many pause. If you look at a biometric we looked at from fund-raising to interest on the web to Google searches, we had a very strong debate. The media is fixated on the first ten minutes especially in a place like New Hampshire. I have more national security experience and foreign policy experience than anyone else on the republican side. By far. And beyond that I would say I give our party the best chance to do three things, to unify, to grow and to win. Just yesterday poll comes out and says if I'm the nominee I beat Hillary in New Hampshire so I think voters understand I'm as qualified and as conservative as anyone in this race but I give us the best chance -- You'll campaign till closing time. We'll go to polling places starting right now and look forward to flipping a few last-minute votes which could mean the difference.

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{"duration":"2:46","description":"The Republican presidential hopeful remains confident his Iowa momentum will carry him through New Hampshire.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"36803125","title":"Florida Sen. Marco Rubio Discusses the New Hampshire Primary","url":"/GMA/video/florida-sen-marco-rubio-discusses-hampshire-primary-36803125"}