Floyd Mayweather faced off against UFC fighter Conor McGregor

The showdown took place in Las Vegas leaving Mayweather as the reigning boxing king.
2:45 | 08/27/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Floyd Mayweather faced off against UFC fighter Conor McGregor
It was a fight many said would never happen legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather. Facing off against USC star Connor McGregor but after a lot of smack stock it was time for a smack down. And a tko a Macy's get it mountain joins us live from Las Vegas with more good morning Ken. Good morning Adrian the highly anticipated a money fight. Lived up to the hype crews are breaking down right now this arena was packed more than 141000. People millions. Watching on paper viewing dip this showtime says last minute subscribers. Even calls the system to crash delaying the big fight. They do shoot down overnight poured money Mayweather making history. Boxing legend undefeated knocking out com or Gregory in the tenth round getting hits fiftieth victory. Pro boxing debut for McGregor at UFC champion and MMA fighter aggressive from the start. The Mayweather who came out of retirement for the big fight but on the show. Punch after punch the powerful blows too much Macgregor wrapped stepping in May whether the reigning boxing team. I was the better man tonight. Fifteen million people watching on paper view the trash talking and the spectacle brought out in blisters. Mr. style. And the re my style is his it is called. Bayer Bayer hit areas I don't know about what to all knotted little duplicate yet know. Pointing out Mayweather McGregor is bad boy reputation that the ringing a big draw for me in. The same tennis. I hate or boxes an icy slope McGregor gracious in defeat possibly walking away with 100 million dollars Mayweather 300 million. Well that about the money for you to follow that everything the fans want to see it I wanted to kind of McGregor wanted to there's an enjoyable experience on all around come into a different game. The town isn't of the best and this game. McGregor is not ready to save this more boxing and its future I ask Mayweather point blank. Is this it guy thinks that last night with his final night at the professional boxer. Nice way to go I mean he was smiling at the activity was saying you know what I'm gonna go out with the rain and and smiling boy to say about two guys. He was any time you retire with 300 million yeah it's right now. Yeah he wore him out though I mean USC fights are much shorter than boxing matches and even McGregor admitted I was fatigued so. We do see my red boxing match before yeah probably enough most of the money was on McGregor mostly money gambling. Bet in Vegas. Could lured by the yachts they lost a lot of people out of las a lot of money not needed to get in the ring no I didn't expect all right thank you very much for that story.

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{"duration":"2:45","description":"The showdown took place in Las Vegas leaving Mayweather as the reigning boxing king.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"49447913","title":"Floyd Mayweather faced off against UFC fighter Conor McGregor","url":"/GMA/video/floyd-mayweather-faced-off-ufc-fighter-conor-mcgregor-49447913"}