Flying With Vultures Over Napal

"GMA" meteorologist Ginger Zee soars with the aggressive birds.
2:43 | 06/16/13

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Transcript for Flying With Vultures Over Napal
You know we should say there are roughly a million reasons why we love having gender on this broadcast and one of them is that she is fearless -- -- that was two million reasons who have gender. He's gone storm chasing zip lining ice boat racing and hang gliding and look she's doing now flying over Nepal with a -- -- eating out of her hands. It's one of those things that you just never think it's gonna happen that the mountains and back and -- -- the Himalayas by the way and you've got to see this adventure I did not. -- think in my life I'd be doing -- -- -- and I -- couldn't ever -- -- never. Carol hawking is a lot like the pair of life and I've done before something -- certain. At a. All over how to beaten. Kevin's favorite it's important people who covered because these are thought very good week he checked for safety related -- -- And so -- Catholic -- the camera. -- -- -- -- Once they're flying we have to -- -- Kevin -- circling the lowlands. And I it. And then -- and who plus. Can't they didn't. As the -- I have to doesn't like times you can feel the Russian heavy coming -- Yeah and then. Yeah. They can -- Magic can forget that it's not just magic against majesty thank. -- -- son and our flight is -- -- -- -- -- brought him and another 100. And he needed Egyptian vulture is harassing candidate -- he pulls on his back flying upside down defending with his -- -- We all have to get out of there. Fast. It's certainly -- hated it at that. Kevin made it home safely to even got his routine cake for dessert. We'll have to do what -- -- and to try and live -- The of the decline of the folks decided to prevent things. What we're trying to do is to educate people about showed how the jets they are and how great sport you -- -- how much they -- Hopefully people -- seven hiring all and they can. A higher regard -- a higher calling it. To save the species and their vital moment. And that's just one of the reasons that we did because it brings awareness to the vultures which are endangered especially in that part of the pulse of the species very inviting and beautiful -- -- -- a single handedly re having image at home.

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{"id":19413806,"title":"Flying With Vultures Over Napal","duration":"2:43","description":"\"GMA\" meteorologist Ginger Zee soars with the aggressive birds.","url":"/GMA/video/flying-vultures-napal-19413806","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}