Foods to savor in cold weather

ABC News' Dave Zinczenko discusses some options to help combat the winter blues.
1:47 | 03/05/17

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Transcript for Foods to savor in cold weather
Welcome back, everyone. You know, the winter blues may be setting in for many of you. But here to cheer us up with food is ABC news nutrition and wellness koerpt and author of the zero sugar diet, Dave zinczenko. How can we beat the winter blues? Put down the Costco size cookies. Think like a minion. Bananas are the best. You're getting mood boosters. B-6. A, C, fiber, protein. Healthy carbs. You want to slice one up with cottage cheese. It's a great belly filler. It will have you satisfied straight through to lunch. You coupled it with protein. I like peanut butter. I have a feeling you're telling me to go nuts. Go nuts. Not too salty. Almonds, cashews, and walnuts. For mood? Yes. Serotonin, endorphins. Owe mag ga 3s. And no salt. Try to limit it. Looking at chocolate makes me happy. Yes, yes, you should be happy. Don't eat this big hunk of dark chocolate right here. Just have a few ounces a day. Lit stimulate the production of endorphins which are mood-enhancing chemicals in the brain. It contains serotoninserotonin, which acts as an antidepressant. More than 77% cacao. Or more. Or more. Davie, thank you. We'll be right back. Btw By The Way,

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{"duration":"1:47","description":"ABC News' Dave Zinczenko discusses some options to help combat the winter blues.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"45921519","title":"Foods to savor in cold weather","url":"/GMA/video/foods-savor-cold-weather-45921519"}