Fourth of July Inflatable Slide Blown Away By Wind

Accident leaves 3 injured during a celebration in Nevada.
2:18 | 07/05/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fourth of July Inflatable Slide Blown Away By Wind
and the crazy rumors they're forced to deny. First, inflatable slide. Airborne. Reporter: Quite a sight. Kids were just lining up to get on the slide. Workers say they were wrapping up the final safety checks when winds whipped in and sent this massive slide up into the air. Another inflatable mishap. This time, a dust devil in Nevada causing panic at an Independence day celebration. I was thinking, oh mirks god, I hope there are no children in there. Reporter: Some are calling the WUND gusts a minitornado gnat launched this slide some 300 feet above the trees. Knocking over lamp posts and everything else in the path. Shot it toward a tree where hi sun was sitting. Flipped it up into the air. Just landed way over there. Reporter: At least two people were taking to a local hospital and treated for injuries. Including one woman who required stitches on her head. This is hot the first time we have seen bounce house celebrations marred by dangerous wind-driven accidents. This is the third reported occurrence in as many months. In June, two 200 children were caught inside a bouncy house when it broke away. Turning sheer fun into panic. I was going down the slide. The bouncy house picked up. I landed. I went back up. I started screaming. I, um, had a strained back. A sprained ankle. Hit my head and some stoch ak pains. Reporter: In may, two children were injured in new York. Back in 2011, this bounce house accident on Long Island sent 13 people to the hospital. Jolted by the violent ride. No one was on the ride at the time. Given the crowds gathering and waiting, officials say this could have been far worse. In it's the second or third time you have brought us one of these stories. It's a problem. It is a problem. It's increasing, according to some of these statistics out there. They didn't see the wind

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{"id":24436881,"title":"Fourth of July Inflatable Slide Blown Away By Wind","duration":"2:18","description":"Accident leaves 3 injured during a celebration in Nevada.","url":"/GMA/video/fourth-july-inflatable-slide-blown-wind-24436881","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}