Franny's Chef John Adler Reveals the Secrets of Italian Cooking

The hugely popular Brooklyn restaurant is releasing a book of favorite recipes.
3:58 | 08/22/13

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Transcript for Franny's Chef John Adler Reveals the Secrets of Italian Cooking
There is a hugely popular restaurant in brooklyn called franny's, which is so good. It serves traditional southern italian dishes. People line up out the door for. The restaurant has a book. "Fanny's." John madler, executive chef, joins us now. There are three things that are grandma's favorites, the twists. Three, big secrets. There one under here? Are we going to start here? Let's start under here. It's actually stale bread. Quintessential to the grandma kitchen. Two metal bowls and a fork. People throw it out. It's perfect for croutons. Put it at the bottom of a bowl. You have a perfect meal. People spend money on kitchen equipment. You need a fork. Mashed potatoes. Smash up zucchini. Can't go wrong with a simple fork. Wow. It's that easy. It's that easy. And people say, I need to make bread crumbs. You have rcroutons in your freezer. You take another metal bowl. And you just -- mash it up. It's a great thing for the kids to do. Makes a lot of noise. People are like, wow, a crout crouton. It is amazing. First of all, beautiful. This is beautiful. It is beautiful. So, we have cherry tomato There's some red grape. Any mix of colors will do. All we do is add olive oil to this. Magic olive oil. And cannot go wrong. Little salt. Cracked black pepper. We're going to toss this around. And once you toss this around, on to a baking sheet. Okay. In your oven, 250 degrees, two hours. Two hours. Then, you turn it down to 200.-Á is three hours total. You get that started. Josh, would you mind giving me a hand? Brush it up. Brush the bread with more olive oil. Put that under the broiler. Nice and toesty. Once it comes out, take a clove of garlic. You don't need butter. Just scrape it across. There you go. We have beautiful ricotta cheese. And you mix that around. You get out of the ingredients' way. So easy. If you wouldn't mind mixing that up. I'm going to take some of the toast that's already made. And some of the ricotta cheese. And we put some ricotta cheese, right on top. I really hated this. That's what we're going for. Beautiful leaves of fresh basil. And tomatoes left over. That's crucial. And finish it with some of that oil. Get it on there. Right on top there. And then, we take a little of the oil left over. And that goes over everything. And the final touch. Yeah. A little bit of fresh sea salt. Somebody has to do it. Tell me about the pasta. Just regular dried pennpenne. Fresh zucchini. What a great -- these arey=8amazing. And crosata. The restaurant is franny's.

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{"id":20034268,"title":"Franny's Chef John Adler Reveals the Secrets of Italian Cooking","duration":"3:58","description":"The hugely popular Brooklyn restaurant is releasing a book of favorite recipes.","url":"/GMA/video/frannys-chef-john-adler-reveals-secrets-italian-cooking-20034268","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}