Frat Neighbor Says Students Harass Him

Tim O'Connell says surveillance video shows Southern Methodist University students throwing garbage on his property and more.
1:44 | 03/05/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Frat Neighbor Says Students Harass Him
We turn now to a nasty feud that echoes the raunchy Hollywood comedy "Neighbors." A fraternity next door is said to be verbally abusive doing disgusting things to his property and caught it on camera and ABC's kendis Gibson has the story. Reporter: So much for loving thy neighbor. Tim O'Connell calls this a nightmare next door. We've got garbage thrown over the fence. Beer cans, cigarette butts. Reporter: O'Connell lives in this beautiful home in a wealthy Dallas neighborhood. The problem, he says his next-door neighbors are a group of southern methodist university students harassing him. They tell me to Myself all the time. Reporter: Not just say it but the guys spell it out in his front yard. We've blurred it here. Another camera captured a young man tossing what's believed to be raw meat into O'Connell's backyard. They told me they pay rent and they can do whatever they want. Reporter: Some of the students members of sigma chi fraternity. Overnight the organization's national chapter announced an indefinite suspension of the smu chapter saying we do not condone or endorse the actions we have been made aware of. Is that a fraternity? Reporter: O'Connell's drama reminisce of the comedy "Neighbors." Yeah! Reporter: But in real life it's no laughing matter for residents across the country, one neighbor living on the edge of Berkeley's fraternity row captured students relieving themselves and a lot more. There you can see the two guys naked, you know, running up the street. Reporter: Back in Dallas no comment from owe comes young neighbors but smu says it's working with police to identify the students involved. For "Good morning America," kendis Gibson, ABC news, los Angeles.

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{"duration":"1:44","description":"Tim O'Connell says surveillance video shows Southern Methodist University students throwing garbage on his property and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"29406020","title":"Frat Neighbor Says Students Harass Him","url":"/GMA/video/frat-neighbor-students-harass-29406020"}