Freddie Gray Manslaughter Trial Begins

Jury selection to start today for one of the six Baltimore police officers charged in the death of Gray after he was in police custody.
2:33 | 11/30/15

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Transcript for Freddie Gray Manslaughter Trial Begins
Especially now. Turn to the trial of the six Baltimore police officers charged in the death of Freddie gray. Jury selection gets started this morning. Mary Bruce is tracking the the case from Baltimore. Good morning, Mary. Reporter: Hi, George. This is a city bracing itself this morning. The memory of those violent riots here just seven months ago are still fresh. As is the anguish for the family of Freddie gray, who, this morning, is hoping that this first trial for one of the officers allegedly involved will help answer the question. Who is responsible for his death? Hands up. Reporter: Calls for justice this morning, as the first of six police officers charged in the death of Fred die gray heads to trial. Jury selection begins today for William porter. 25-year-old gray suffered a severe spinal angry in police custody in April. Dying a week later. After his arrest, prosecutors say gray repeatedly asked for medical care but was denied. Transported in the back of in van. Handcuffed without a seat belt. The manner of death is believed to be the result of a fatal injury that occurred while Mr. Gray was unrestrained by seat belt. Reporter: Porter, expected to take the stand, is accused of failing to put on the seat belt and ig knowing gray's requests for care. He could face up to 25 years in prison. We just want justice. Reporter: Gray's death igniting outrage and destruction. His family pleading for calm. Please, please stop the violence. Freddie gray would not want this. Reporter: Since then, battle nor crime rates spiking. The deadliest year here in more than a decade. Now with class of alleged police brutality in Chicago and other places, all eyes will be on this trial to see how justice plays out. If the United States don't fix the problem with poverty, with murder in the black community, it will be the fall of this great nation. Reporter: This is just the beginning of a long process to find an impartial jury. The judge says he expected to question bean 75 and 80 potential jurors just today. Porter's attorneys say it's impossible to have an impartial jury here and the trial should be moved. Prosecutors say the residents of this city deserve a voice in this trial.

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{"duration":"2:33","description":"Jury selection to start today for one of the six Baltimore police officers charged in the death of Gray after he was in police custody.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35486397","title":"Freddie Gray Manslaughter Trial Begins","url":"/GMA/video/freddie-gray-manslaughter-trial-begins-35486397"}