Free 'Companion Guide' Helps Cancer Patients' Loved Ones

Author Hollye Jacobs and Allstate CEO give away free copies of the guide to Americans diagnosed with breast cancer.
4:22 | 10/02/14

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Transcript for Free 'Companion Guide' Helps Cancer Patients' Loved Ones
The best-selling memory about surviving breast cancer, the silver lining, has a companion guide. It's free. Author holly Jacobs and the chairman and CEO of allstate are teaming up to give it to any person in the U.S. Diagnosed with breast cancer this year. Both here to tell us about it. Great to see you, holly. Wonderful to meet you, Tom. We're talking about 250,000 people on average in the U.S. Are diagnosed with breast cancer this year, and they will get this beautiful guide free. First of all, how is recovery, holly? Thanks for asking. I'm so great. So happy to be here. Good to have you back. You were here in the spring, and telling us what you were doing. And the beautiful book you have. Exactly. Tell us about the companion guide here. The companion guide is condensed version of the original book, and it provides all of the really valuable lifelines and practical matters that anyone who is facing breast cancer will be helped by. And you come from, you know -- as a thriver, because you know we like to say thriver. Survivor is great, but thriver. A social worker, nurse, you come at it from all different directions. And you have teamed up with allstate. You are approached all the time, what was it about holly and this in particular? I want us to be a different kind of company. Be a force for good. Help women not be alone in the cancer journey. That fits. With holly, our success is all about people. You know, she is just fabulous. She's motivated and gone from finding her own silver lining to helping other people find theirs. How can that not be a success? I remember when she was here, she wanted to give it away. And her publisher is like, no, no, no, you have to sell. You wanted to do this because it is invaluable. It's like a work book as well, isn't it? How does it help people who are di diagnosed? It provides the information you don't necessarily hear about. It's kind of like your girlfriend that can be a companion with you throughout every step of the process. It includes information like the questions to ask at your doctors appointments. What to pack for chemo. How to talk to your children. What to do with hot flashes, which I might have in a minute. All of the really valuable things that you don't necessarily hear about are in this book. I use my professional experience and my personal experience to try and channel all of that information here. And when you read the book, it's like you're talking to holly. You're just -- you know, I've known her for a while. But you read it, and it also has lessons which go well beyond breast cancer. It's how to be the real you. How to open up to people. And I think that's applicable to all kinds of things. That's a really good point. And how people are not going to feel alone and neither are the people around them. Tom, that was something that struck you too. It's not just for the person going through it, but those who are their support system. Everybody. If you have a family member or friend with breast cancer, you should read the book. It's not just 250,000 people. They probably each touch 10 or 20 other people. It's available free to everybody. Just get on the website and get. Some people are saying, how do you find the silver lining? How have you done that? Silver linings are in small or big packages. For me, it was the humming bird outside my window because I was too sick to stand. To the ultimate silver lining, being able to help people who have to follow me down this path. And I think there's no better silver lining than that. But silver linings provide the balance and perspective and hope to get through some of the most difficult of circumstances. And we have seen that. We saw that yesterday. We had our go pink program. And it was wonderful to see all these men and women who are going through it but finding that silver lining in some kind of way. And you are going to provide that for methem. Tom and holly, wonderful. Thank you. And the silver lining companion guide is available on allstate's website. Coming up, Oscar winner Emma

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{"duration":"4:22","description":"Author Hollye Jacobs and Allstate CEO give away free copies of the guide to Americans diagnosed with breast cancer.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"25917794","title":"Free 'Companion Guide' Helps Cancer Patients' Loved Ones","url":"/GMA/video/free-companion-guide-helps-cancer-patients-loved-25917794"}