French Senate Votes to Ban Child Beauty Pageants

Dan Abrams discusses the biggest legal stories in "Jury's Out."
4:55 | 09/25/13

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Transcript for French Senate Votes to Ban Child Beauty Pageants
Coming back with "the jury's out." Second time we're trying it. We have hot topics. First up on the docket, the french senate has voted to ban child beauty contests for any kids under the age of 16. Yes. The question is, is it time to do it here in the u.S.? My take. No. I find these contests disgusting. But now, the government is going to start telling you what kind of contest you can enter your kid into? 6, 10, 14-year-old models, it's okay. But not in one of these contests? We can't legislate parenting like this. Sam can be such a libertarian. It's hard. I disagree with the pageant thing. And for young kids. You're right, the government can't tell you what to do. I agree. I agree. I agree. I agree with him on this one. Yeah? Yeah. Really. Well, then we -- we're all saying -- child pageants are just wrong. How do you stop it? In france, they're saying it's time to let people get it out. All of the tv shows on it, either. That's right. And I'll tell you, though, as you're not surprised to hear, the vast majority disagree with now us, I just thought me. Little girls shouldn't be paraded around like pieces of meat. We agree on that. And the jury's out poll. Should beauty pageants be banned for children under 16? 89% of people said yes. We're saying that child beauty pageants are wrong. When you get into it, should it be the government deciding that for us? Maybe not. The parents. Right. I don't agree with 89%. I do. Who want the government to step in. I think people hate these things so much. I don't know, george. I agree with you. If asked, do you want the government to make that decision for your family? People would come back and change that number. Next up on the docket, innocent victims of the war in syria or the recent terror attack in nairobi, are referred to as women and children. Is it time to stop using that phrase? My take. Absolutely. It's a great way to tug on our heart strings. But women are adults like men. And to suggest they're more helpless, is sexist, and even absu absurd. I like innocent victims. That's all-encompassing. I didn't know this was a problem first of all. But I have no problem with it. If it gets people to think outside of themselves. And then, you start to say -- why throw women in? I think it's harmless. I don't think it's sexist or -- I think it does bring attention. I do agree to say all victims are innocent. And the images for that part, when you say women and children, it has the image of mothers and kids. And you want to do anything to protect that. It takes me back to "titanic," which is a century ago. I'm with you. As a republic, we're going to be wounded if we continue to use it. But I don't burn -- on facebook, a sneeze will be offensive. Get over it. On twitter says, when I get equal pay for equal work, you can change the phrase. Deal? Okay. Finally on the docket, "the new york times" has a story this weekend saying step away from the phone. All of the high-powered people trying to disconnect from their mobile devices with rules and games. I'm a mobile device addict. All of these people bragging about their the cute methods. I throw it into a tin when i arrive home. We stack the phones at dinner and whoever checks it first has to pay. Is it that hard to check it when you need to? I know. It is -- it is hard. It is hard. You have to make rules? Yeah. I think so. For -- I'm someone who does well with rules. I might not do well with self-control. But I do well with rules. Does that make sense? And I think for kids. Our kids now are a generation growing up. Their entire lives with these things. And I think when you at least define areas when it's okay and when it's not okay, I think it's important. We get to adulthood, we can make the choices. It's fun to have a stacking game. I think that would be fun. Unfortunately, it has become fashionable to be rude. And then, on twitter, on a rule, on my lunch break, I do not answer my mobile phone. My staff are aware and no longer call me. Congratulations to that person who has the authority to say, I'm turning off my phone. I won't take any calls. That's it, guys. Good to see you guys. "The jury is out." Everything I say can be used against me.

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{"duration":"4:55","description":"Dan Abrams discusses the biggest legal stories in \"Jury's Out.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20367521","title":"French Senate Votes to Ban Child Beauty Pageants","url":"/GMA/video/french-senate-votes-ban-child-beauty-pageants-20367521"}