Frigid Temperatures Invade Almost Every State

Residents in the Northeast brace for another storm while dealing with the coldest air in over 30 years.
3:00 | 12/11/13

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Transcript for Frigid Temperatures Invade Almost Every State
Now, to the snow, ice and freezing cold affecting the entire down from coast-to-coast right now. Ginger zee is tracking it and has the latest for us. Good morning, ginger. Good morning. So many of us paralyzed by all this winter. Not just one day but multiple days on end. I want to go straight to chicago, where a messy commute is happening. Yesterday, they had sub zero temperatures. This morning, rawaking up in the teens. It's going to be a slow one for you in chicago. The rest of the nation, 47 out of 48 states, somewhere below 32 again today. Biting burr, in almost every state in the lower 48. Bone-chilling cold. Reporter: From a week-long deep freeze in parts of california -- it's been horrible. I didn't think the weather would get this cold in california. Reporter: To the chilly chicago, enduring some of the coldest air this early since 1978. Bursting water mains in south dakota and montana. In iowa, the blowing snow, with gusts up to 40, making it feel like it's 20 below. And with the latest punch of winder in the east, up to seven inches of fresh winter wonder. Hundreds of schools closed. In massachusetts, this plow ended up crashing into a pond. At dulles airport, the plows were working overtime. Over two inches of snow. More than 6,000 flights have been canceled since sunday because of weather. And today, while few will see highs surge above a balmy 32, most feel like keli brooks. NEW YORK CITY SLIPS IN THE 20s. D.C. IN THE 20s, TOO. Some of the coldest air we've seen this season.

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{"id":21174082,"title":"Frigid Temperatures Invade Almost Every State","duration":"3:00","description":"Residents in the Northeast brace for another storm while dealing with the coldest air in over 30 years.","url":"/GMA/video/frigid-temperatures-invade-state-21174082","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}