Fort Lauderdale Florida Airport Shooting Raises Security Concerns

Questions about airport security are being raised in the wake of the deadly shooting.
1:41 | 01/07/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fort Lauderdale Florida Airport Shooting Raises Security Concerns
They will. Shootings raising questions about security at our nation's airports and whether attacks like this can be prevented. This happened at the end of the line most of the security focused right at the beginning. So we want to bring in ABC's David Kerley at Reagan international in D.C. Great to have you this morning, David. You know, this is what is deemed a soft target. And attacks like this when the one in Brussels and istanbul last year always lead to debates on where to place security checkpoints. Is that the answer we should be exploring. Reporter: Some believe it may be time to move the security from TSA where we have it now in front of the Gates and move it out to the front door. I'm in the ticketing area and walked through without any problem and stood in front of this camera to talk to you today but moving security to the front door for ticketing and baggage is very lossly and make it more of a hassle. There are concerns and it's a big debate. It will be happening nonetheless. We saw passengers running onto the tarmac which is a really secure area. We've seen it happen before. So, is this now just standard operating procedure, getting out of the building as quickly as possible in a crisis? Reporter: I don't think it's standard operating procedure at all. These are chaotic. Police weren't sure what they had. Did they have just one the shooter in the baggage claim area or was there more? They wanted to lock everything down? That's why they put people out on the tarmac to get them out of the way. Some people think and there will be lessons learned from what happened in ft. Lauderdale as how do you handle the next time you have an incident at an airport with a secure and unsecured area, Paula. Lessons learned and a whole lot of debate sparked. Thank you very much for Yo reporting this morning.

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{"duration":"1:41","description":"Questions about airport security are being raised in the wake of the deadly shooting.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44618978","title":"Fort Lauderdale Florida Airport Shooting Raises Security Concerns","url":"/GMA/video/ft-lauderdale-florida-airport-shooting-raises-security-concerns-44618978"}