'Furious' Peyton Manning Denies Doping Allegation

An Al Jazeera report alleges the star quarterback was supplied with a human growth hormone in 2011.
4:19 | 12/28/15

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Transcript for 'Furious' Peyton Manning Denies Doping Allegation
We lead off this half-hour with Peyton manning, one of the greatest and of course the most popular football players of all time. He's fighting back, blalsing the report accusing him of using a banned human growth hormone to help him recover from a potential career-ending neck injury. He said it's not true. ABC's Ryan smith. Reporter: Peyton manning made one of the most stunning recoveries in NFL history. Winning the comeback player of the year the very next season. Now, a documentary alleges he received banned substances during that recovery and the star denying it. Al jazeera making allegations about Peyton manning, sending shock waves through the NFL. The dark side shows Charles, claimed a farm soois at the Geyer institute, the same institute that helped rehab him the superstar in 2011 after he broke his neck playing for the Indianapolis colts. All the time we would be sending Ashley manning drugs, like a growth hormone, Florida. Never under Peyton manning's name. Reporter: Over the weekend, Peyton manning sacking those allegation and it's completely fabricated. Complete trash, gar gage. Reporter: And furious of claims leveled at his wife. That 2011 injury, so serious, many claimed it would end manning's career. His re-emergence the stuff of legends. It's a joke. Reporter: The institute slamming sly, saying he was nothing more than a three-month unpaid intern in 2013, when manning wasn't being treated. Now sly said he made it all up to test the reporter and recanting in a video posted online. The statements on any recordings and communications that Ja zeer Ya plan to air are absolutely false. Reporter: Firm will in his corner Ares manning's teams. His current team the Denver broncos saying we do not find this story credible. While Al jazeera claims he was working at the institute in 2011, they added that sly fabricated this whole thing for reasons they can't fathom and he wasn't there when manning was being treated. Let's get to Dan Abrams here with us on a Monday. Peyton manning said it's complete trash. Can he sue? He certainly could sue. I don't think he will, here's why, even if it's false, he'll have to show as a legal matter that there was quote, reckless disregard for the truth by Al jazeera. That means, because he's public figure he'll have to show that Al jazeera knew or should have known it was false. That's a much tougher legal standard. Also when you're talking about defamation, if he sues, a lot of other stuff of his personal life end upcoming in, where there any damages, et cetera? In the end, I don't think he's going to do that. In the meantime of the video of the young man recanting that story, how big of a deal is that? Yeah, that could help his lawsuit, I mean, he sues and he says it's false and they should have known it was false because he would argue, a little bit of investigating, a little pushing of this guy and you, too, would have been able to determine this was false. That would be a very important factor. If he doesn't go after the folks reporting the story can he go after the guy initially behind it? He sure could, that would be a much easier lawsuit. I would think if he's going to sue he would sue Al jazeera, he'll say, they're the ones who were irresponsible for putting this on the air. All right, Dan Abrams on the big Peyton manning headline this morning. Now to a Christmas murder mystery. Police piecing together clues after a young couple was found

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{"duration":"4:19","description":"An Al Jazeera report alleges the star quarterback was supplied with a human growth hormone in 2011.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35971827","title":"'Furious' Peyton Manning Denies Doping Allegation","url":"/GMA/video/furious-peyton-manning-denies-doping-allegation-35971827"}