Gallon Smash Prank: Supermarket Milk Prank Is a Hit

Online videos show pranksters smashing gallons of milk in supermarket aisles.
2:22 | 02/28/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Gallon Smash Prank: Supermarket Milk Prank Is a Hit
those gallon smashing videos we've seen this morning. They've gone, unfortunately, viral. It's being called a prank in some circles. But that seems to be generously stretching the idea of a prank, given the destructive messes that result. Abc's john muller is here with that. Reporter: The tee made the video consider themselves entertainers. They say they were only trying to be funny. But is it a prank that's gone too far. Look at the video. And be on guard at the supermarket. It is a shocking mix of flying milk and flailing lips. It's all phony and it's the latest internet smash called gallon smashing. It's the creation of three teens from virginia. Two brothers and a cousin who consider themselves actors. They spoke via skype to the cable show "right this minute." Nobody got hurt. Reporter: The fake dramatic falls and spills are only half of it. The other half, duped supermarket shoppers and workers, struggling to help the struggling boys. And many seem to find it hilarious. More than 3 million hits in less than a week. That's funny. Reporter: But not everyone's laughing. Look at that. Look at that. I can't understand that. Reporter: Gallon smashing, by no means, the first or the only controversial youtube prank to go viral. A few years ago, it was fire in the hole, where youtube users shout fire in the hole, before workers. Then, there were these kids, diving into stacks of cereal in the supermarket. Systemically sweeping products off shelves. But now, it's seeming to cross the line. It does seem malicious. Reporter: Whatever you make of the milky mayhem, millions of people all over the world are crying over spilt milk. Whether tears of laughter or of pain. Are you okay? Reporter: All right. The boys have pulled down the youtube video. But different people have put it back up. So, it is still out there. As you might expect, there are alleged copycat incidents. Ten juveniles in utah, charged with disorderly conduct for gallon smashing there. Such a waste.

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{"id":18616971,"title":"Gallon Smash Prank: Supermarket Milk Prank Is a Hit","duration":"2:22","description":"Online videos show pranksters smashing gallons of milk in supermarket aisles.","url":"/GMA/video/gallon-smash-prank-virginia-supermarket-milk-prank-hit-18616971","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}