Garry Marshall Returns to Off-Broadway with New Premiere Play

The all-star director of TV and film discusses bringing the dark noir "Billy and Ray" to life.
3:32 | 10/16/14

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Transcript for Garry Marshall Returns to Off-Broadway with New Premiere Play
. So happy to be sitting next to the legendary Gary Marshall. With us this morning. And as you know, famous for creating, writing, producing some of the most beloved television shows like, oh, Laverne and Shirley, happy days, Mork and mi"mork & Mindy" and the od couple. And one, pretty woman, everybody. Now returning to the thee tear with "Billy and ray." It's near and dear to his heart and mine. Written by a good friend of mine. It's the story of the amazing director, Billy wilder, and the contentious relationship with ray Chandler while creating double indemne. I'm penny's brother. You always do that. No, it's a great story. Changed the movie business. It was the first dark movie that got by the consciensen cors. And Mike wrote it. Wonderful play. And it's funny and it's a little heavy there too. So this is something I'm very proud I'm doing. Yeah, a departure. And give you a question from a fan ton Twitter. A fan wrote. Yes, sally black wroasks you, not penny, you are laughing until your sides hurt, why switch to the dark side of film noir now? Film noir is dark. I'm known for film blank. When you have tears, you have to light it well. But I just wanted to really get into how this was done and how it came about. And it's just a fascinating story based on research that he da D did, and stars great people that I had never known before. Vincent from "Madmen," plays Billy wilder. And the terrific actor -- Larry pine. Vincent, and Daley, and Sophie Von -- Who is daughter of Bette midler. She debuted in "Beaches." She was 1 1/2. She doesn't remember. Now debuting in New York, playing the secretary in Billy and ray. It's an interesting piece, and I'm excited to be a part of it. You have collaborated with many people, have you had a relationship like Billy and ray's that you could relate to? That's why Mike wanted many to come here. I'm used to people fighting. The hardest person I fought with was my sister, penny, on Laverne and Shirley. Penny used to come to my house at night and say I have to fix the second act. And sometimes she wouldn't listen. No. We made believe we weren't home sometimes. You would have to held from your own sister. Yes, for eight years we did "Laverne and Shirley." We are very close. We always were close. We argued because my sister's a perfectionist, and I'm a wing it kind of guy. We love the kind of guy you are. It's a terrific play. You will have a good time. The play is "Billy and ray," Monday, October 20th until November 23rd. The vineyard theater in New York City. The great Gary Mars beck,

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{"duration":"3:32","description":"The all-star director of TV and film discusses bringing the dark noir \"Billy and Ray\" to life. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26236701","title":"Garry Marshall Returns to Off-Broadway with New Premiere Play","url":"/GMA/video/garry-marshall-returns-off-broadway-billy-ray-26236701"}