Are Gel Manicure Do-It-Yourself Kits Salon-Worthy?

Paula Faris compares kits within a large price range against manicures from a salon.
3:00 | 11/08/12

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Transcript for Are Gel Manicure Do-It-Yourself Kits Salon-Worthy?
manicures. Long-lasting gel manicures are wildly popular right now. And devotees can spend up to $1,000 a year by getting these. You can save a lot of money by doing it yourself, right? With a salon-worthy result? We hope. Paula faris tried it out and is here to tell us. Can we do this at home? Reporter: You can. I like your manicure. I like that color. Thank you. It's voter blue. My mom hates it. Reporter: I approve. Those salon manicures can add up. It's no surprise that roughly 91% of women do their own nails. These home gel kits are really the direction of the nail industry. I was fascinated by the claims, but skeptical they would sustain my rigorous wear and tear. Gel manicures offered at salons and their promise of two weeks of chip-free nails has become the hottest trend today. They're the complete game-changer. Reporter: But that long-lasting look can come at a steep price. The average cost of a salon gel manicure ranging from $30 to $40, that can run $1,000 a year. Now, companies have unveiled do-it-yourself kits, saying they also last up to one or two weeks. Every polish company out there is creating a new at-home gel manicure device. And now, the race is on to come up with the latest and greatest. Reporter: Do they really give that salon look? Or is it best left to the pros? We went to fix beauty bar in new york city, to get a professional gel manicure, but on only one hand. Turning that off. Time to relax. The gel color is applied. And in just 30 seconds -- wow. The nails are dry. On the other hand, I have a go on my own, with an at-home kit. So nervous. Are you ready for the momentf truth? Here's the salon. And here's me. They look great. But will they last? So, the gel polish is supposed to last up to two weeks. And I'm going to put it through the wringer. I also enlisted two busy new york city women to try two other versions of at-home gel manicure kits. Lily tried one that retails on the low end of the spectrum for $14.99. At first, it was a little complicated. Once you got past the first hand, it was easier. Reporter: The nails started off looking good. But after one day, the nails on one hand started to chip, even whoa nutrinail said it would last a week. We wanted to try another kit. Margarita tried a gel kit that retails for $120. I was surprised how quickly it dried up. And it does not look like typical nail polish. Reporter: The finished product, in general, looked great. But after two days, it started to peel off on one hand, which margarita attributed to a mistake she made in applying the polish. I put my own nails through the ultimate wringer, giving my kids a bath, cleaning, even painted my foyer. So, how did they fare? The moment of truth. The salon manicure did last longer. But a little operator error. That's because I didn't apply it all that well. I learned it's crucial to have a clean nail. And you have to apply gel polish differently because it's not the same consistency as regular polish. It looks great. Don't get too close. It gets easier and easier when you do it. Nutrinail, we reached out to them. And they said, it dries rock-solid with a brilliant shine in five minutes and lasts up to a week. Right up your alley. Okay. A little bit of time. Lots of benefit. We'll go to the salon together. A mani and pedi together. It's time for "deals and

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{"id":17671313,"title":"Are Gel Manicure Do-It-Yourself Kits Salon-Worthy?","duration":"3:00","description":"Paula Faris compares kits within a large price range against manicures from a salon.","url":"/GMA/video/gel-manicure-kits-gel-manicure-kits-salon-worthy-17671313","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}