Doctor Warns of Gel Manicures Cancer Risk

Dr. Chris Adigun says he wants patients to be aware of the risks of UV light hand dryers.
2:39 | 03/07/13

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Transcript for Doctor Warns of Gel Manicures Cancer Risk
Long lasting John managers and experts are now saying that they could be dangerous to your health and ABC's Paul -- Has our story. -- chips or -- that students -- The yield plus -- managers are a dream come true -- look brighter and better longer. But this morning one prominent dermatologist says not so -- I just want people to be aware. The respect all along with that. If you presentation and -- use doctor Chris -- -- -- says she's gathered a comprehensive look at research on possible health risks caused by the trendy dale treatment. Wow. Among them she says -- Fannie -- the chemicals used in the process. And a slightly increased risk of skin cancer and photo waging all due to the UV lights used to cure the -- -- these UV nail -- to cause skin cancer it's really quite allow our -- -- women that they should stop getting Domanick cares absolutely not. They just need to do so in moderation -- so moderation and protect their hands. I didn't suggests using other sense green or finger list gloves under the -- The progression of -- is -- Asian tells ABC news and -- manicure UV aliens provide quote the equivalent of only a couple of minutes exposure to sunlight. But it but he did nail salon in Los Angeles that's a small risk they're not willing to take. They offered Joseph manicures but -- the polish -- -- -- -- I -- that that there isn't any easily coming out of them. An approach that just makes -- with -- who don't want to give up this polished look. For Good Morning America -- -- as ABC news New York. And for more we're joined now by our senior medical contributor doctor Jennifer Ashton -- -- -- so -- -- talking you know I love to go get a manicure -- with my daughter it's become a real girls. Stay out so that we'll lay it out there for us what do we need to know OK there's really three issues in this falls under the category of at what price beauty right and even for our daughters this is something that people need to know about you're not just talking about the UV light exposure which yes you can get with any type of manicure. Not just the gels when you talk about this. -- -- procedure. You're talking about filing down or breeding the -- played -- as well as when you remove that exposure to prolonged high doses of acetone. So three factors in potential that are probably not -- good for you when you're talking about every two weeks. For years my toenails have not seen the daylight for -- three decades. So they're always -- so should we just get rid of the whole -- -- Jersey and throughout in moderation it's probably fine if you're gonna get high frequency you have to think about whether the risks outweigh the bad.

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{"id":18674253,"title":"Doctor Warns of Gel Manicures Cancer Risk","duration":"2:39","description":"Dr. Chris Adigun says he wants patients to be aware of the risks of UV light hand dryers.","url":"/GMA/video/gel-manicures-cancer-risk-doctors-warning-health-risks-18674253","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}