A Gelato Shop's Hilarious Voice Mail From a Customer

"GMA" anchors discuss the heartbroken customer's voice mail.
7:11 | 01/06/17

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Transcript for A Gelato Shop's Hilarious Voice Mail From a Customer
??? Oh, fresh prince. Wow, that's impressive. I didn't know that one. We have time for another one because she was so quick. ??? ??? you take the good you take the bad you take them both and there you have the facts of life ??? Fablgts of life. ??? The facts of life the facts of life ??? ??? when the world never seems ??? Thank you, Todd. Wait, they're saying we can do one more. All right,l let's do one more. ??? Thank you for being a friend ??? Golden girls. I waited for you. Your favorite. Mine was facts of life. But I do love -- Can we see the swing there. Look at that. ??? Fand you threw a party ??? ??? invited everyone you knew ??? See, wasn't that fun? A little trip down memory lane. You have no idea how much George is missing this. How much he wishes he were here. Do you think he saw the rundown today and was like, president Obama, save me. He's church-clapping himself in the car right now. Oh, you're right. He would like this, though. A great experience I just had. "To tell the truth." It's a reboot of the classic game show back from the '50s, this time with Anthony Anderson. He's hysterical. On ABC for a second season. They asked me to be a contestant on the show. Here's a sneak peek. What happens when you combine some lies. I have 45,000? Reporter: Some truths? We have a jubilee every year. Reporter: Funnyman Anthony Anderson. I think number two's pills are kicking in. You're about to tell a lie now. Reporter: And his real life mama, Doris. Somebody get him a tissue. I can't believe you would do something like this to me. Reporter: The premise, three people tell the same story. One is telling the truth. And four celebrity contestants must sniff out the liars. It's a reimagined version of the classics '50s game show. Betty white was there hen the show first launched. And again in this incarnation. What is sexting? Reporter: And now,s the my turn. I'm a late bloomer. Be late, but not last. Reporter: More on that in a minute. But first this is my dressing room. Am I telling the truth? Let's find out. Before the show, I catch up with my fellow truth seekers, David Arquette, Sherri shepherd, Tom Bergeron. Ask good questions. Body language tell us a lot. Are you lying? Are you lying? Who is the liar? This is all about competition. I know. We're trying to kill each other. Yes, I'm really competitive, too. I'm really competitive. I'll take you down. Are you good at telling? No. I believe anything anyone says. I was lying. I'm dead. And then a moment with the host himself. What makes it fun and exciting is I get to work with my mother. This is what she wanted to do with her life. She's the star. How is it to work with your son? I love it, girl. The checks are good. Girl, the checks are good. When you get on the stage, what do you think? I'm relaxed. You say what comes to mind? What up, come up, come out. What? Come up, come out. Whatever you feel, October it, girl. Here we go, team. My mama says, ax it. Don't ask it. Ax it. How did I do? I won, of course. But am I telling the truth? You don't get back in the game, you have to tweet a lie. It's not going to be a good morning for you, baby. It's not going to be a good morning. Oh. So funny. On Sunday how I did. Was it fun? I had the best time. Let's talk about one of the real stars of the show. Anthony Anderson's mother, mama Doris. Joining us now from Los Angeles. Doris, thank you for getting up awfully early. We want to ask you. I want to ax you a question, who is funnier, you or Anthony? Me, of course. Anthony needs a script. I don't. I witnessed that first hand. What do you love about doing to tell the truth? My check. My check, girl. Love it. Now, come on, Doris. I was there with you. It's not just about the money. Oh, no. I have so much fun. I used to hate going home. Aw. I love it there. Tell the truth again. You're also there because you want to meet man? Oh, yes, oh. Yes. I brought my picture to show you, girl. Look. Mwah. You've been kissed bay rose, yes. I got my fingers crossed this year. New season, new opportunities. Doris, when we were there, remember I mean, you meet some crazy people.

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{"duration":"7:11","description":"\"GMA\" anchors discuss the heartbroken customer's voice mail. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44588248","title":"A Gelato Shop's Hilarious Voice Mail From a Customer ","url":"/GMA/video/gelato-shops-hilarious-voicemail-customer-44588248"}