Past and Present 'General Hospital' Cast Members Unite

Tony Geary, Kin Shriner and Genie Francis join cast members for a reunion on "GMA."
5:30 | 04/05/13

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Transcript for Past and Present 'General Hospital' Cast Members Unite
and we are celebrating as you know 50 beautiful years of one of the most iconic soap operas ever with some of its most beloved stars. Generator gener "general hospital" is the longest running soap on tv and bringing some of the hottest cast members of the past and present right here. Reporter: For 50 years it has been the hospital the nation has checked into for daily doses of star-crossed lovers, hunky mobsters and lots of nail-biting adventure. Luke, the falls. Oh. Hi. Reporter: This morning "gma" played host to eight of "general hospital"'s biggest star, anthony geary also known as luke spencer, kim who plays scotty and genie francis, the woman whom the two actors have been fighting for 30 plus years. Fans will always debate laura with scotty or laura with luke. The grip on my arm. Laura's desperately in love with two men. She could put them both into one person she'd be deliriously happy. Like picking up where you left off. I just want to punch him. I want to kiss her. You know, the same stuff. As long as they don't rip his toupee off we are okay. We have the same wigmakers. Reporter: When laura chose luke over scotty their 1981 wedding was watched by more than 30 million fans scoring higher ratings than the final episodes of "melrose place" "sex and the city" and "the west wing" combined. I think I had a luke and laura lunch box. I wish I still had it what a worldwide phenomenon. The lunch box. Princess diana was a fan of yours. Share that story, if you will. We both received champagne from the right honorable lady diana spencer. She watched the wedding and when she got married she sent genie and I both bottles of champagne from her wedding and a little note. Reporter: In five decades under ten presidents and 13,000 episodeneral hospital" has led the way in tackling social topics ranging from aids. I have aids, sonny. Reporter: To mastectomastectomies. There's a mass in my left breast. Reporter: To organ donation. We got a heart. ♪ Just when I think I'm happy ♪ Reporter: All the while making room for rock 'n' roll. Jack wagner skyrocketed to superstardom during his stint on the show when he played frisco jones. Singing or acting. What brings you more joy. I was kind of trained, the triple threat, sing, dance, act, put me on a stage. You're all I need, jack. ♪ All I need ♪ Reporter: Another hallmark of the show, sexy. Fiona hughes who plays anna devein. The fact that I'm a spy but also a mother and, you know, that I sort of play in a man's world. Reporter: But "gh" is probably best known for its romances that resulted in lots -- I am. Reporter: And lots of unforgettable weddings. Whose character has been married four or more times. As part of my con artist past. I've been married four times. Let us know if you -- I come up with another one. A show of paddles who played an evil twin. I died in my own arms once. Not everybody can say that. No. Who here has been in an insane asylum? Who here has been in a coma? It's all of us, isn't it? No, sorry. Most people. I'm in a coma now. Well, thank you. Finally who has been held hostage by james franco? Oh, lucky you. And the winner. James franco was on the show playing a serial killer obsessed with leading lady sam played by kelly monaco and wasn't the only movie star to stop by "general hospital." Thank you for interrupting your honeymoon to come and see me. Elizabeth taylor, an admitted "gh" fan was the first to play helena casa dine and they launched several careers notably demi moore. John stamos and richard simmons. Let's work on the spine. Reporter: Jessie's girl. Reporter: And rick springfield. It exploded when he played dr. This. Oah drake, though fun fact he never sang during his 1980 tints on the show. When did you know that this character that you had created was a bona fide rock star. About two weeks into the show. Just walking down the street people started turns around and looking and I said, theeren't doing that two weeks ago. Reporter: So what do the next 50 years hold in store? Jason thompson who plays dr. Patrick drake is proud to be part of the rich and enduring history of "gh." Where do we go from here. It starts with story and i think that's what we have to continue doing. "General hospital" has done such A GREAT JOB FROM THE '60s, '70s AND '80s AND CHARACTERS THEY Feel they can connect to and when you look at these people you feel like you're at home. A little sparkling cider to toast 50 years of "general hospital" and hopefully 50 more. Cheers. Hear, hear. Thank you for so many great memories. Cheers. Cheer, everybody. What a treat.

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{"id":18888475,"title":"Past and Present 'General Hospital' Cast Members Unite","duration":"5:30","description":"Tony Geary, Kin Shriner and Genie Francis join cast members for a reunion on \"GMA.\"","url":"/GMA/video/general-hospital-50-year-anniversary-tony-geary-kin-18888475","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}