George Clooney, Matt Damon react to Weinstein scandal

The "Suburbicon" stars tell "GMA" about their experience working with Harvey Weinstein and what needs to be done about sexual harassment in Hollywood and across every industry.
5:04 | 10/23/17

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Transcript for George Clooney, Matt Damon react to Weinstein scandal
We're back with new fallout from the Harvey Weinstein scandal. A wave of women now coming forward across multiple industries and in Hollywood "Bugsy" director James Toback is facing dozens of sexual harassment allegations and there are reports former Fox News host Bill O'Reilly signed a new contract months after reaching a $32 million sexual harassment settlement and now George Clooney and Matt Damon are taking on the Weinstein scandal and team up for "Suburbicon." Reporter: Today George Clooney and Matt Damon are at the top of their game. Studios vying for a chance to work with the Hollywood powerplay but in the '90s it was Harvey Weinstein and miramax that launched both men into super stardom. Now they're coming to terms with the dark and twisted reality of their former mentor. At least I won't be unoriginal. But I mean if you have a problem with that we can just step outside and figure it out. Reporter: He bought "Good will hunting" and shot it in '97 and did movies after that. I was there -- that was the height of his power and what you knew back then was -- I mean, you had to spend about five minutes to know he was a bully. He was intimidating. That was his -- that was his legend. That was his whole kind of M.O. Like could you survive a meeting with Harvey. Could you survive -- could you stand up for yourself with Harvey and the people who worked for him were like, you know, I'm coming here to make good movies. Miramax was the place that was making great stuff in the '90s so when people say like everybody knew, like, yeah, I knew he was an . I mean, he was proud of that. You know what I mean? That's how he carried himself and I knew he was a womanizer. You know, I wouldn't want be to married to the guy but I'm not -- it's not my business really but this level of Karim sexual predation is not something I ever thought was going on. Absolutely not. I knew the story about Gwyneth from Ben because he was with her after Brad and so I knew that story. But I was working with Gwyneth with Harvey on "Ripley." We were at princeton together. I knew they came to whatever agreement or understanding she had handled it and she was, you know, the first lady of miramax and he treated her incredibly respectfully. Always. Harvey would talk to me about women that he had had affairs with. I didn't necessarily believe him quite honestly because to believe him would be to believe the worst of some actresses who were friends of mine and I didn't really think that they had affairs with Harvey and clearly they didn't but the idea that this predator, this assaulter was out there silencing women like that, it's beyond infuriating and the fact that the story is coming out now and the more it comes out, I want to know all of it. Wequentin Tarantino has said we've heard these things and never seen it so there's nothing you guys -- you've heard it. You never saw anything that -- He didn't do it out in the open. If there was ever an event where there was something I was at with Harvey in public and he was doing this thing and I missed it and there's some woman who was somehow assaulted and was at the golden globes or something and I somehow missed it then I'm sorry. How do we change? There has to be a comeuppance for all of that, all those people part of the chain and then have to make it safe to feel people can talk about this and in doing that I think that will scare away that kind of behavior. But more than anything, you're going to have to have a warning shot over the bow of anyone that would act like that that you will be outed and out of the business and more than that you might be prosecuted. I talked with my wife about this and she said, you know, she could find, you know, in her line of work which is human rights law, you know, there have been plenty of instances where some guy has tried, you know, to make -- some guy in power has tried to make their move. Many if not most women have at some point in their life faced this kind of behavior. I think that's a little bit of a surprise to some of us, that it's this big. That it's this prevalent and maybe that's something else that's good is that we're -- that we're going to have these discussions and have this conversation and again we'll make it harder for it to happen. And we want to let you know that they're unequivocally denied by Mr. Weinstein. Mr. Weinstein has further confirmed there were never any acts of retaliation against any women for refusing his advances and we will have much more of Michael's interview with George Clooney and Matt Damon and talk kids and so much more. You're seeing this cascade across industry after industry. We'll be right back. People would stare.

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{"duration":"5:04","description":"The \"Suburbicon\" stars tell \"GMA\" about their experience working with Harvey Weinstein and what needs to be done about sexual harassment in Hollywood and across every industry.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"50654834","title":"George Clooney, Matt Damon react to Weinstein scandal","url":"/GMA/video/george-clooney-matt-damon-react-weinstein-scandal-50654834"}