George Stephanopoulos Remembers His Days at Columbia University

"GMA" anchor helps new students celebrate the school year with insight into his college years.
5:24 | 09/09/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for George Stephanopoulos Remembers His Days at Columbia University
Time for the new series. It's a special one. It's "gma" -- give me a u. G-m-a-u. We're going back to cloollege. I would love to. We're having a national pep rally. Institu students rise up. Each of us putting ourselves in the hot seat. George, yours is warm today. Such a long time ago, I with barely remember. Columbia university. Right here in new york. 1978. Jimmy carter was president. Disco was king. And I was leaving bucolic suburban cleveland for the glamorous streets of manhattan. It was scary but thrilling. That's what was great about it. For four years, columbia university was my home. It's changed so much since then. So much is like I remember. The library, my favorite pizza joint. I can't believe it's still there. Great, great pizza. The hungarian pastry shop. "Animal house" was the hot summer movie when I started school. Nothing? Not exactly my style. I did pledge a frat my first few weeks. Perhaps because I had seen "animal house" that summer. But when it was my life, I said, you know what, this one isn't for me. I spent most of my time here in butler library. I had come from a public school in cleveland. I was still a little bit intimidated. I wanted to keep up. As for music, I had a record player with vinyl disks, classics like bruce springsteen, billy joel, and reo speed wagon. ♪ And I'm gonna keep on lovin' you ♪ why not? It's an anthem. But reo speedwagon was on knot on the play list. Yes, it's true, I slipped into the disco, studio 54. ♪ We are family ♪ can you believe that? I can't. I probably used up all my dancing energy. I was on the wrestling team. I was a tackling dummy for the rest of the team. I did my best. I went out there. After I broke my nose for the third time, I switched gears. Soccer was my other sport in high school. Columbia's team was really good. Here's the team today. So I participated by moving here, to the press box. Doing play by play for our radio station, wkcr. Hello, everybody, I'm barry waldman along with george stephanopoulos. It was a lot of fun. I never would have thought then. I just did it for fun, that i would end up with a big part of my career in broadcasting. ♪ On rock eternal ♪ any time I walk through that courtyard, it brings me back. The first faint whiff of fall in the air. That is where I would love to be. When I look back at my life, going to columbia is right up there. I know I would have a completely different life had I not chosen to go in that very, very different direction. ♪ Stand columbia alma mater through the storms of time above ♪ so different. That's really great. That was really great. What is this? V and t pizza. And hungarian pastry shop pastry. I was there at the turn of the century. V and t going strong after all these years. It got him ready for the job behind the mike. Our producer, maybe a sniff of it. They worked hard. If you want to hear it, george's days as a soccer announcer. Take a listen. I turn the mike over to george stephanopoulos. Thanks, barry. I hope I can keep my teeth from chattering here in the cold. Rain coming from the left to the right. He decides to punt the ball. A nice kick looking for steve upfield. Goes out into touch in blackbird territory. A throw-in for the blackbirds. That's you! Wow! Shehe's calling soccer on the radio. That is not easy. That was terrific. Now I can't wait for you guys. We can. I guess that's my cue to let you know. Tomorrow is my day. And here's a clue I'm diving back in to penn state. So -- tune in. That will be tomorrow, everybody. That was great, george.

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{"duration":"5:24","description":"\"GMA\" anchor helps new students celebrate the school year with insight into his college years.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20199235","title":"George Stephanopoulos Remembers His Days at Columbia University","url":"/GMA/video/george-stephanopoulos-remembers-days-columbia-university-20199235"}