George Zimmerman Acquittal Sparks Twitter Rage

People start to react to the verdict in the Trayvon Martin shooting case.
5:07 | 07/15/13

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Transcript for George Zimmerman Acquittal Sparks Twitter Rage
Cory monteith's shocking death. Here to talk about it is dan abrams and larry hackett, managing editor of "people." Little yellow. Yeah. The colors. No surprise on both ts, no surprise in some ways that george zimmerman was acquitted and no surprise that the reaction exploded. I think that the reaction is important, you know, as we look at it to say support the martin, family, right. No matter how you view this case, I think supporting the martin family is both productive and helping to handle it. It's been admirable. I think we have to be careful about those who are now misstating the facts and the law in responding to the case and so a lot happened during this trial and if you watch the whole case and you agree or disagree, great. But there are a lot of people out there now who are I think misstating either the law or the facts and we have to be careful. So something can be sad, something can be frustrating and make you angry but it doesn't mean -- I'm not saying it's the right or wrong verdict. Just let's make sure we stick to what actually happened in court and what's actually the law and, again, I think that those in particular on twitter, et cetera, who have been supporting the martin family, I think that's wonderful. Were you surprised by the verdict? No. I wasn't. As a matter of law, I don't think the jurors had any other choice. When you actually look at what the legal standard here was, which is reasonable doubt and only reasonable doubt about the moment george zimmerman fired his weapon, what was going on in his head so to some degree you can almost eliminate everything that happened up to that point -- but it's very hard for people. Understood. You're right, it's two separate -- that's why you can make a judgment and you can say this is wrong and yet I still accept the verdict, right? There are people who can feel that the whole situation is wrong. But by the -- the letter of the law. Everyone -- many, many people think it's wrong and feel terrible and have sympathy for the martin family and it was all over twitter. Beyonce had a moment where she called for a moment of silence and did a version of "i'll always love you." That's the most effective response artists and entertainers can have. Create something out this. I don't think it may be as deep as when an artist creates something. That will be interesting going ahead. This is empathy toward the martin family is real and i think it is, what comes next? How do artists respond? A huge moment and people respond. Huge response also over the weekend to this, you know, presenting shocking news that cory monteith, we knew he had problem, larry, with addiction and just died, didn't know -- still don't know what's going to happen. There will be an autopsy. Toxicology reports later on. He went into rehab several months ago, was very open over the years about his struggle with drugs and other substances as a teenager in canada near vancouver. Stealing from family members, living under bridges. In his young teens. To 19, very, very, very tough upbringing and candid about it. Had a mentor and got turned on to acting and moved into that and was very successful. Had a setback a couple months ago and remains to be seen what happened. He was out with his friend and manager two nights ago. We soak to her. There was no alcohol involved. They were drinking lemonade. Seemed fantastic. Seemed very happy. And clearly I think, you know, he was with lea michele in a relationship. She was in mexico on vacation. Clearly people around him felt he was okay to be by himself. He wasn't being monitored that carefully so everyone is absolutely just -- she is -- ryan murphy, the founder of "glee" is devastated. Who is behind the unmasking of jk rowling. Sounds like "the sunday times of london" got a tip. Worldwide sales of "harry potter." This came out and sold 1500 copies in england. Very, very well reviewed. In fact people were saying it does not look to be the work of a first time author so people started to sniff around it and somehow it began to unravel and over the weekend they acknowledged it was her. Do it because it was too easy. You know what -- not too easy. Make it a little tougher. She did it probably because all the attention paid to her first non-potter book. She wanted to see can I do -- do I have the chops away from the kind of -- she can do that. We've got to go. Major league baseball heroes campaign. Part of major league baseball. All the different teams got to select heroes this their area. All 30 winszers at the ball game tomorrow night honoring them on the field. Great way for the naft pastime and maga out and find real hero, real veterans who mean something in their communities. The all-star game here tomorrow night. Hey, nice article with george and ali. What do you think? You can come back. It was interesting for me. Hey, hey. We're really sizzling now in the

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{"duration":"5:07","description":"People start to react to the verdict in the Trayvon Martin shooting case.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19667353","title":"George Zimmerman Acquittal Sparks Twitter Rage","url":"/GMA/video/george-zimmerman-acquittal-sparks-twitter-rage-19667353"}