Georgia Father Charged With Murder in Infant's Death

Justin Harris' 22-month-old son died after being left in a hot car.
4:04 | 06/23/14

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Transcript for Georgia Father Charged With Murder in Infant's Death
And now a turn. Not a happy turn. A heartbreaking case, a 22 month old left in a car, and new he's charged with murder. Good morning, Steve. Reporter: Good morning, George. The father's office is a few blocks from here. When he realized his son was sitting in the backseat, he pulled into the shopping center, screamed for help, but it was too late. The family grieve this is morning said what happened to 22 month old cooper Harris was an honest and tragic mistake. On Wednesday, 33-year-old Justin Ross Harris buckled their son into the SUV and headed to his job just outside Atlanta. It was seven hours later when he noticed his son still in the backseat. He had forgotten to drop the child off at day care, and immediately pulled into this shopping center. S, witnesses say he rushed to save his son. What have I done, laid him on the ground, trying to resuscitate him. He was not responding. Reporter: The young child was in the hot car for several hours on the hot day. The police arrested the grieving father and charged him with felony murder and child endangerment. He's plead not guilty. Until we get more information, these charges will stand. Reporter: The father's arrest causing outrage, some agreeing with police and shocked, but many saying the father suffered enough. The justice system can't punish Ross more than he punished himself. Only more pain for a grieving family. His supporters have raised $18,000 for his defense. An average of 38 children die every year in a hot car. Last year, 44. In Atlanta, 22 have died this way since 1990. These are usually accidents and happen to the most loving and protective parents of every color and socioeconomic background. The one constant is the parents had a change in their routine the morning of the death. We don't know if that happened in this case. Harris appears in court next month. Dan Abrams with us now. A horrifying story. Not your typical murder case. As the four of a boy who's almost the same age, it's heartbreaking. It's not at all a typical murder case. The charge is felony murder. Meaning they charged him with cruelty to a child. And because there was a death as a result of that felony, they can charge him with felony murder. But I have to tell you, the way that the police are talking here, making comments there's more to the story than people know. One 34-year-old vet involved in the case said this case shocks the conscience. That kind of language suggests that thing there's something else to the story. So they may not believe it was an accident. But how do you prove that? First of all, if they can get computer records, done search warrants at the home and office, et cetera. They could try to demonstrate it in that way. They would say that they don't necessarily have to prove that it was more than an accident. The level of recklessness and the conduct. But again, I don't think they would have charged him with this crime -- I would hope they wouldn't charge him unless it's something more than an accident. Even if it was, he could be charged with felony murder? Yes, in theory. It could be so great that you could have an underlying felony where there could be felony murder. This goes to the discretion of the authorities here. And you have to hope that if they believe this was a mistake, just a horrible mistake, that they wouldn't charge him with murder. Thanks very much, Dan Abrams.

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{"duration":"4:04","description":"Justin Harris' 22-month-old son died after being left in a hot car.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24259109","title":"Georgia Father Charged With Murder in Infant's Death","url":"/GMA/video/georgia-father-charged-murder-infants-death-24259109"}