School Shooting Suspect Wanted Media to Film as 'Police Die'

Michael Brandon Hill allegedly entered an elementary school with an assault weapon and other guns.
3:14 | 08/21/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for School Shooting Suspect Wanted Media to Film as 'Police Die'
starting with that school shooting in atlanta. What a scary way to start the school year. Only the second week in atlanta. All the kids you see running out of the school are safe. You can hear the gunfire. There it is, right there, ring across the neighborhood. It was all caught on tape. So incredible we're seeing this again. So many emotional reunions between very anxious parents, their terrified children. Hugging each other, crying, after the ordeal is over. Abc's steve osunsami is live in decatur, georgia, in front of the grade school with all the latest. Good morning, steve. Reporter: Good morning, lara. Students are not going to be returning to this school today. Instead, they're heading to the high school with the big kids. Police are here, turning parents away, while they continue to investigate. This morning, the man accused of shooting up the school has a face and a name. Abc news has learned he's michael brandon hill, a 20-year-old with a history of mental health issues. Overnight, police searched hill's home. The bomb squad blowing open his trunk. This frightening and all-too familiar scene began at 12:45 tuesday. Police say the young man followed someone through the doors of atlanta's ronald e. McNAIR ACADEMY, WHERE 800 Children were attending pre-k through fifth grade. He headed straight for the front office, armed with an assault weapon and other guns and met bookkeeper antoinette tuff. He said he didn't have any reason to live. And he knew he was going to die today. Reporter: Minutes later, cafeteria manager malcolm quillen walked in. Miss tuff said he was serious about following instructions. As soon as she said serious, he fired off. Reporter: Quillen said the gunman told him to leave and he did. I told the principal there was a gunman in the building. Call 911. Reporter: The disturbed young man asked tuff to call our local abc news affiliate, wabc. He wants you to start filming as officers die. Reporter: With students hiding under their desks, police surrounded the school. And hill started firing. He fired anywhere from half a dozen shots. And when officers had a clear shot, they returned fire. Sounds like there's a shoot-out. Reporter: The shoot-out shattered a window. But no one was hurt. As police moved in, frantic teachers rushed students out. Back in the office, that angel of a bookkeeper kept the shooter away from those classrooms, telling him that she loved him and finally convincing him to put his weapons down. Her whispers got him to surrender to police. It took two, long hours to bus those terrified, teary students, to a nearby walmart, where nervous parents were waiting. Overnight, in an exclusive interview, hill's brother told us, he was a ticking time bomb. I had a feeling he was going to eventually one day do something stupid. But not this magnitude. Reporter: He told us his brother's pharmacy -- his brother's medicine cabinet looks like a pharmacy. He got into trouble young. First, stealing from school. And then, breaking into churches.

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{"id":20020746,"title":"School Shooting Suspect Wanted Media to Film as 'Police Die'","duration":"3:14","description":"Michael Brandon Hill allegedly entered an elementary school with an assault weapon and other guns.","url":"/GMA/video/georgia-school-shooter-michael-brandon-hill-wanted-news-20020746","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}