Gerard Butler on New Film, Proper Pronunciation of Name

Actor chats about playing a former soccer star trying to rebuild his life in "Playing for Keeps."
5:17 | 12/05/12

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Transcript for Gerard Butler on New Film, Proper Pronunciation of Name
He has -- he showed us a six-pack in "300." And an endless movie in "chasing maverick." Gerard butler is back on the big screen, with a new romantic comedy, "playing for keeps." Here to tell us all about it. How did I do? Great. We've been working on this. It's not gerard. Gerard. You say that and I would totally believe you're from scotland. It's the scotland roots coming out. You said scott land. Why not? It's a terrific movie. It's always great to get a passion involved with a movie like soccer. I know for you. I do want to show, george dryer, you play. A down and out soccer star. Trying to rebuild a life with a son and an ex. You get roped into coaching soccer. A soccer dad played by dennis quaid. We want to see this clip real quick. This is the cross bar. The cross bar. We're going to go back, right here. Come on. All right. Come on. Let's go. Do I get a warm-up shot? There's no warm-up shots in life, george. Whoa. Interestingly, that was one take. I'm sure that was done with a one-take shot. First time. I messed up the first one. And I did the sideways kick. And I hit the bar. I couldn't believe it. It was one of the special moments when you say, that would never happen in 1,000 tries. We never get to talk soccer on the program. So great to have you here. Mine is an 11-year-old. The greatest moment of your life is a 9-year-old soccer player. Relive it for me. It was the cup semifinal. And it happened all the schools were out at that point. They were all watching us play. I think it was 3-3. And it was the most exciting game I ever played. Suddenly, the ball is there on the goal line. And it's a scramble. And I jumped up. I did the knee -- end. I never had a crowd go so crazy. And I ran into the crowd. And for that moment -- look at you. You're living it all over again. I love you bringing that up. You were here a few weeks ago. We were talking about "chasing mavericks." For that, training in big waves. But this, the training more familiar for you. "Mavericks" was an adventure. But this is what I grew up doing. You mentioned earlier on, how great to lose yourself in something for a few months. Yeah. And you got to play against -- I'm an arsenal supporter. One of our mutual enemies, manchester united. I grew up for those signs. It's your dream to be on that field. And suddenly, I'm standing there, with my hero, with 66,000 people, playing a game. It was indescribable. Not bad. I do want to ask you about the movie because it's not a bad day at the office when you get to be on screen with catherine zeta-jones, and uma thurman, and jessica biel. It's a movie all of us can enjoy for any number of reasons. Exactly. It follows soccer. It has hilarious consequences of a guy being hunted down by various women for different reasons. And he's just trying to do the right thing. A great father/son relationship. And then, there's also a hilarious catherine zeta-jones, and jessica biel, just great. As much as a romantic comedy, it's interesting because these movies turn on the performances of the young actor. And noah lomax is terrific in this film. What is it like when you see that young talent coming? It was incredible. He walked in the room to screen test and we immediately knew. He didn't have to say a word. This is the kid. He's adorable to hang out with. And you never knew what you were going to get. But it was always very truthful. They're the best moments of the movie. My moments with him. I'm his hero. And I'm always letting him down. He's trying to do the right thing. It's funny. Even a trip to a soccer game turns into a crazy ferrari ride on a racetrack. How does that happen? It's funny consequences. But this little kid stole my heart. Is it nice, too, soccer is a sport on the come in this country. It's starting to find its place. Is it nice, if nothing else, to bring the gospel of the sport along with a great, great movie? Yeah. I think so. I look at what david beckham did for this country, for soccer in this country. Just to do your little bit. I was a amazed how many people play soccer. I think it's the most-played sport under 11. But after that, they branch out and go into the american sports. But it's great to watch kids play soccer. It brings back those memories we were talking about. "Playing for keeps." A great movie. Do not miss it. Gerard butler, joining us.

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{"id":17885669,"title":"Gerard Butler on New Film, Proper Pronunciation of Name","duration":"5:17","description":"Actor chats about playing a former soccer star trying to rebuild his life in \"Playing for Keeps.\"","url":"/GMA/video/gerard-butler-film-playing-proper-pronunciation-17885669","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}