Giant Panda Cub's Birth Celebrated at National Zoo

A cute baby panda was born at the national zoo in Washington DC.
1:52 | 08/24/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Giant Panda Cub's Birth Celebrated at National Zoo
washington, history of a very different variety. The national zoo celebrating an absurdly adorable new arrival. A giant panda cub. The panda cub came into the world with a squeak. And a tweet. From the smithsonian officials announcing the birth of the giant panda on twitter, writing, we have a cub. Our giant panda gave birth to a live cub. That cub seems to be doing very well. Reporter: After two hours of labor, the miracle of life. Within seconds, the giant man da mother, already starting to cradle and care for her newborn cub. This is the third panda born this summer alone. On "gma" on friday, we took an exclusive behind the scenes look at zoo atlanta's twin panda cubs, born just last month. The only surviving set in the u.S. Ever. It's really no major mystery why panda-monium, is winning over the hearts of so many american. Look at them. They're absurdly cute, but under the noses and teddy bear exteri exteriors, lies even more. Hope. The panda will rely on conservation, breeding programs and ambitious research, all aimed at fighting off extinction. It's exciting. We're learning more and more every year. Experts had been nervously monitoring the population in the wild. The columbus zoo director emeritus, jack hanna, says the recent surge in birth could mean that things are finally looking up. I'm optimistic. I don't think the giant panda will go into extinction. I think the world will make sure this doesn't happen. I could look at those pictures all morning long. It's deliciously cute. Absurdly cute.

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{"id":20055887,"title":"Giant Panda Cub's Birth Celebrated at National Zoo","duration":"1:52","description":"A cute baby panda was born at the national zoo in Washington DC.","url":"/GMA/video/giant-panda-cubs-birth-celebrated-national-zoo-20055887","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}