Giants Kicker Sidelined Over Domestic Abuse Scandal

Josh Brown admitted abusing his wife in written journals.
3:48 | 10/22/16

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Transcript for Giants Kicker Sidelined Over Domestic Abuse Scandal
just made that up. First on this Saturday the latest on the new revelations involving giants placekicker Josh brown who admitted to abusing his wife in handwritten journals that just fasted. Placed on paid leave while the team gets ready for a big game in London so will he ever take the field again? ABC's Ryan Smith has been following the stover and joins us with more. Good morning, Ryan. Reporter: Good morning. The NFL now re-opening an investigation into giants kicker Josh brown claiming they never knew about those past admissions of abuse but the sheriff in charge of investigating brown criminally claiming the league should have handled it differently from the start. New York giant Josh brown sidelined until further notice amidst the release of a trove of documents showing repeated abuse of his then wife Molly. In a scandal rocking the NFL, these revelations stemming from this domestic incident in may of 2015, heard in these 911 calls. What are you reporting? Um, my husband is really upset right now. Reporter: That cry for help from Molly brown, Josh brown arrested for domestic violence that night but charges never filed and the league suspended him for just one game. At the time, brown indicating it was a one-time incident. Was that an isolated incident. It was just a moment. Reporter: In this 165-page document it's clear Molly's cry for help occurred more than once. Miss brown claims she suffered over 20 instances of physical violence at the hands of her then husband over several years. And police now revealing photos like this one which shows a bruise on her thigh and brown's own mea culpas like this I became an abuser and hurt Molly physically, emotionally and verbally. On Friday commissioner Roger Goodell calling for patience as the league re-evaluates the case. What we want to do is get the facts and when we get the facts we'll aggressively pursue that. Reporter: The league saying it was unaware of these details when suspending brown. Overnight sending this letter to brown obtained by ABC news. Forbidding him to practice or attend games while reviewing his case to determine whether further action is necessary. But according to the sheriff's department, which initially arrested brown for domestic violence, the NFL failed in its first round of gathering facts. First of all they probably should have called us. Their mistake was trying to lay this off on the sheriff's office. Reporter: All right, Ryan, so the sheriff's office is saying the NFL should have called. Why didn't the NFL do more to investigate? Well, they said they did and called repeatedly and sent e-mails and said they asked for these documents. There was a public records request but couldn't identify exactly who they were but they're saying the sheriff's talk is a bit disingenerous and every turn the police said no go. When that happens it becomes hard to ascertain what happened according to them. We were talking about this during the break. Players who commit domestic violence are subject to a six-game penalty. Why did he only get one game. For the NFL they'll look at this as almost a perfect storm of disinformation, right. They couldn't get the information. They allegedly tried to talk to the wife. She wouldn't speak to them. She's been traumatized by this document release. She wants to put this behind her. Without that they couldn't corroborate the charges. For them it becomes a situation where we don't have the information so we might -- we have the ability to depart down from those six games depending on what the situation is. But, remember, he's never been charged in any of this so part of their analysis might have been, well, if there's no charges we can't corroborate, what we we do? That won't get them off the hook. The NFL is under a microscope on domestic violence charges. Sounds like a myriad of misinformation. Thank you. We'll send it over to rob for a check of the weather.

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{"duration":"3:48","description":"Josh Brown admitted abusing his wife in written journals.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"42985442","title":"Giants Kicker Sidelined Over Domestic Abuse Scandal","url":"/GMA/video/giants-kicker-sidelined-domestic-abuse-scandal-42985442"}