Gilt's Holiday Gift Guide

The online retailer helps you rock the holidays with great gifts for under $100.
3:00 | 12/03/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Gilt's Holiday Gift Guide
Black friday gone. Cyber monday, history. We have -- luxury online retailer, gilt.Com. I shop you. I've hit her up for a discount. Gilt.Com. A lot of deals for $100 or less. We're about deep discounts. 60% off retail. Brand-new sales at noon. Boy, don't I know it? And they ship it right to your house. Maybe he wants electronics or a gadget. Can you help me out there? Tech gifts tend to be on the expensive side. This is a way to get in on the tech craze without breaking the bank. Not a piece of jewelry. But an iphone case. Most of us are inseparable from our phones. Kate spade of new york, one of our favorite brands. Sam likes that. It's just $25. A great stocking stuffer. Last nights of hanukkah. Looking for something small. I found out about gilt.Com, fashion -- a lot of the fashionistas. And if you like high-end fashion, what's coming up? What can you afford? We have tons of great stuff. We have missoni. We have kate spade. I like this one. That's the one I can identify. The thing about missoni, the classic zigzags marks you as someone with great taste. Sounds like it's out of range. But we have scarves for $65. Great for a guy. A girl. That's phenomenal. That's kind of awesome. I want to borrow it. And I might -- how about the little ones? Tons of gifts for the little ones. Toys all year. But especially at the holidays. We are -- oh. That's awesome. The balance bike is the hot, new toy for kids. This is a great way to teach kids how to ride a bike. Really grows with your kids. And could you ask for a more ringing endorsement. Just $67. Anything an elf likes to play with has to be good. How about the guy who has everything? Or the guy who has everything. For the guy who has everything, you look at -- you tend to overthink it. My husband has everything. I try to go crazy. Go the opposite direction this year. Something classic. A great timeless watch. Looks like our elf has a watch on now. These are from triwa, starting at $69. I dig into my husband's stashes and wear his watches. If you guy a man a watch, you can also wear it. Exactly. Let's say we buy a scarf, a missoni scarf. And it looks too good. And you don't want to give it away. Are there other things for the colder weather? There are. We've been talking affordable cashmere this morning. We have some great cashmere gifts starting at just $29, which is pretty amazing. From portolano. They're gifts that you wouldn't normally buy yourself. This is something more special during the holidays. Terrific stuff. You know who would look great in those gloves?

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The online retailer helps you rock the holidays with great gifts for under $100.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21080227","title":"Gilt's Holiday Gift Guide","url":"/GMA/video/gilts-holiday-gift-guide-21080227"}