Ginger Zee Phones Home

Josh Elliott chats with "Mama Zee" about Michigan State.
3:00 | 03/19/14

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Transcript for Ginger Zee Phones Home
Oh with Donna they go where they are all right yeah an assistant -- but it. I'm mama tell mom legs Josh Elliott DNJ man alive -- -- party. You know one of them rather well. You can do you might know another one rather well. So Don you actually delivered babies at -- sparrow hospital in East Lansing. Why didn't deliver them I think about it hated them somebody -- deliberate and then I -- -- -- -- -- -- Outside -- that to -- She was saving Wyatt is yeah -- -- NASA dot what was what was -- what was the pilot truck and my left like when she would she came -- in the. And she's not talking about me not -- -- right now. We'll believe that that's not -- -- did she heard it issued she didn't -- did she -- -- she just gave you -- hundred. And he didn't. Not me saying I like -- the I I just smile when I was born I don't wanna bother anybody to smile. Beyond my peaceful way now I know that she was not working. But not yeah. Until you also -- we be rooting for the spartans there the UW. Oh my god yeah. Can you just funny. Yeah those are yeah that I have I have flagged I have been I have everything -- -- -- I'm here I'm -- I hear the Michigan under the hood. -- -- -- -- And it's often what's great is she's from Long Island is too important and you -- enough time in Michigan and that he would AFLAC K they they need -- only moms and the BT mom. -- Yeah. Owning only holy macaroni that's my dad he's always been the holy macaroni all right I don't. I don't that we solved anything better than -- was out of the top ten I'm established that I was a very peaceful but invade yet that's exactly. Lies --

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{"id":22969197,"title":"Ginger Zee Phones Home","duration":"3:00","description":"Josh Elliott chats with \"Mama Zee\" about Michigan State.","url":"/GMA/video/ginger-zee-phones-home-22969197","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}