Ginger Zee Returns to 'GMA' March 14!

Chief meteorologist Ginger Zee, husband Ben Aaron and baby Adrian call in to announce the big news.
2:24 | 02/19/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ginger Zee Returns to 'GMA' March 14!
We missed her so much. Oh, ginger, along with her husband Ben, oh, and their adorable 2-month-old son Adrian. 2 months old today, ginger? Today we're on his birthday of sorts and obviously he's thrilled. He's excited. Biggest birthday present ever he's sleeping. He's been so good. Every time we take a live shot. Oh. Just in time. Yeah, but he is very good. He's a good boy. We miss you and you know the audience has missed you tremendously so you want to let us know when you're coming back. Please. Please. Yes, yes, we will be back March 14th. 20 minutes. No, March 14th. We miss you so much. We didn't anyone to get the wrong idea about the big reveal. Not happening again. We don't think. You're not sure, Ben. It happens pretty quick. You never know. This is what we've missed so much and rob and others are doing the best to hold down -- The best we can but doesn't even compare. We so badly need you back. I know you haven't been getting a lot of sleep but what's been your favorite part of motherhood versus pointing at a weather map? Yeah, oh, my gosh, you know what, there's a lot of similarities, a lot of the rain is the same. It just comes from a different area. Oh. A lot of wind. He breaks a lot of that. Oh, no, Ging. I'll be prepared. You haven't lost your touch, ginger. Some things never change. How big is he now? He looks pretty big. He is big. He's huge. Yeah, we haven't gone to the two-month appointment but I'm guessing 12 some pounds and the last -- he had gained a pound per week. Wow. He's going strong. Ginger, is he smiling a bunch now? He's very long. Yeah, he is. He's starting to get -- in the morning he cooes. There's nothing like that smile. Ben, you are a doing your part, right, Ben? My boobs are so sore. I I have to tell you right now. Now we know where ginger -- I'm useless. I am totally useless. We got to go. Look at the time. Well, hey -- We love you, Ging. We love you. Good to see you. Love you too.

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{"id":37051107,"title":"Ginger Zee Returns to 'GMA' March 14!","duration":"2:24","description":"Chief meteorologist Ginger Zee, husband Ben Aaron and baby Adrian call in to announce the big news. ","url":"/GMA/video/ginger-zee-returns-gma-march-14-37051107","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}