Ginger Zee's Extreme Office Makeover

"GMA" meteorologist takes on her biggest challenge yet, a new office.
3:09 | 04/07/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ginger Zee's Extreme Office Makeover
She does extreme weather, extreme sports. You're properly asking yourself, what can ginger not do? We finally found ginger's cry cryptonite. It's her office. Ginger takes us on a tour. Reporter: I jumped off mountains, battle rip currents. In my time at "good morning america," I have taken tons of risky assignments. Tackling my very own natural disaster. Clothing rack. It's disorganized and a little bit dirty. When my bosses finally felt bad enough to move into a new office. I knew that I needed all of the decorating help. That person is francesco bilotto. He's transformed all kinds of places. You have a head start here. Reporter: His mission to turn my office into a wake-up call. Reinventing the items that you already have in place. Reporter: A pit stop to my old office to salvage what we could. And now for my favorite part, shopping. At homegoods, find items with form and function. You're working with small place. Home depot, not the first place that you think of with style. It was the perfect spot for affordable outside the box idea. Maybe great to hold a candle. Reporter: We made to sure to look off the beaten path. You can install this in the room and hang some clothes from it as well. Reporter: With all of our purchases in tow. We got this fro sofa downstairs. Reporter: Remember that electrical tape. Around the whole frame. Big look. Little money. Reporter: Add our new items to the mix and the transformation is complete. So this is like a boutique in here. It's ver really nice you can make your clothes art. I learned so much from francesco. This leather look could be done in a dorm room. It feels like I'm at home. We made these pillows so cheap you can do all of this right from your home. We got the big items that we talked about. You guys, I going to have to be renting him after that. Very exciting to be in my new office. Dan and bianna. We'll get him to do our offices next.

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{"id":18900249,"title":"Ginger Zee's Extreme Office Makeover","duration":"3:09","description":"\"GMA\" meteorologist takes on her biggest challenge yet, a new office.","url":"/GMA/video/ginger-zees-extreme-office-makeover-18900249","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}