Gingerbread House Challenge on 'GMA'

Chef Rachel Willen, Mario Batali determine the winner of decorating contest.
7:33 | 12/25/12

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Transcript for Gingerbread House Challenge on 'GMA'
It's true. We now get to the gingerbread house challenge. We have rouhouses that won the national gingerbread house competition with us this morning. These are unbelievable. Here to tell us about them is chef rachel willon and mario batali. This won the team competition. This won the team competition. It's all about the muppets. This is carly owens. She was inspired by the christmas muppet movie. She's 17 years old. She has entered multiple contests. The last year she can enter as a teen. Is this edible? The entire thing is edible. This is solid gingerbread. On the inside, it's reenforced with icing. What's gonzo making? She spent 128 hours making the figures. There's no time limit? Like our challenge. No time limit. Some of these people spend all year making these. The skeletons inside are angel hair pasta. And a lot of the decoration is made out of fondit. This one is totally different. But a big winner in the competition. This is the second place adult winner. Just incredible. Linda karny. These are difficult to make. Over a hemisphere mold. Another pasta note. They are held together with penne pasta held together with icing. You can go as far as the imagination. That's good to know. For our 45-second competition. And finally, the big winner. Grand prize winner. Absolutely amazing. 100% edible. 100% gingerbread. Ann bailey invented this theme. This is a gingerbread house. She invented a thing called ginger jell, which is a clay she makes from powdered gingerbread. Corn syrup and gelatin. It's really that nexus point between craft and art. A three-stop intersection here. This gel thing is fascinating me. I don't know how to make it. When people go crazy on craft, that's when it's the most beautiful. They can stretch it. You're going to stick candy to the roof. These people are living out -- we're going to do way more. This is the creative process. That hurts. Shall we? Here's what we're doing. These people had as much time as they needed. We don't have that luxury here on "good morning america." We three have 45 seconds each. And all of these tools, very fair. Everybody gets the same things. You guys, two of the best chefs we know, will judge. So, should we put 45 seconds on the clock? I need some helpers. Everybody, right here. I'm going to -- ready? Someone tell us to go. Start putting candy. Ready, set, go. Come on, guys. Come on, guys. Come on, guys. Thanks. Really has all of the helpers in. Get in there. You guys will stick some candy on here, I will give you candy. Everybody, right in here. There you go. Keep going. Keep going. I look at that. Josh, what are you doing there? It's my take on an igloo. All the candy you want on there. Oh, my gosh. Only 20 seconds left. Get in there, guys. Josh is taking an early lead. I like that. It takes a village. It takes a village. Too quick. You can do it. That's it, yeah. All right. Okay. Walk away from it. Walk away from it. Hands away. Hands away. Hands down. I got too into it. I was trying to get too particular. Uh-huh. That's interesting. Hey, everybody. Give yourselves a hand, all right? Way to go. Way to go. So? I know judging is to be difficult. Yes. But we require a verdict on an absolute winner. I have looked at all three of the techniques. All three of the capabilities. All three of the skill sets. Right. And the imagination. The imagination has run wild in one particular example. Which one would it be? Ladies and gentlemen, the winner -- we won, everybody. We won. We won. We won. You guys won. And now, you have this beautiful gingerbread trophy. Come here. Come here. There are no losers, of course. All of my chefs. Come here,guys. This is a gingerbread pumpkin cheesecake. Oh, yes. Share them. Way to go. Delicious. All right. You can have a piece of candy. As many as you like. Tell you what. You can enjoy -- I think we have a big surprise, actually, everybody. I think we have a really big surprise. We have a really big surprise. A huge surprise. Eat's better than candy. Hey, everybody, look who it is. Ho, ho, ho. Merry christmas. Merry christmas. Santa. Come on in, santa. Come on in. Got such great helpers. Santa actually has gifts, i think. Yeah. This is wonderful. Hi. This is great. A few more gifts. How about if we give some out, santa? Sure. Let's go. Who has been good? Raise your hands? Who has been naughty? We have green packages. The green packages are for the younger kids. And the red packages are for the older kids. All right. That's for you. Oh. Come here, buddy. Come on. That's the way I feel sometimes. Oh. That's great. Open your presents. Rip right open. They're for you. Great. Packages for everybody. Santa, how are you? Oh, how are you? Good to see you. It's a pleasure. Rip them open, guys. There you go. You go. I would argue we're being holly and jolly right now. We enjoy jolly ole st. Nick. We come back, cooking with mario and singing "silent night."

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{"id":18060873,"title":"Gingerbread House Challenge on 'GMA'","duration":"7:33","description":"Chef Rachel Willen, Mario Batali determine the winner of decorating contest.","url":"/GMA/video/gingerbread-house-challenge-gma-18060873","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}