Glamorous Red Carpet at the Met Ball

Rachel Smith reports on one of the most stylish events of the year.
2:57 | 05/06/14

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Transcript for Glamorous Red Carpet at the Met Ball
It is the most stylish event of the year. The met ball. And last night, a Hollywood who's who walked that red carpet. ABC's Rachel smith. All of the glitz and glam of this extravagant evening. Good morning, Rachel. Good morning, robin. The annual met ball is known as the oscars of fashion. And this year's guest list, rocked the more is more look. Check it out. There was Rihanna in white. Beyonce in sparkles. And Charlize Theron and Sean Penn. The 2014 met ball did not disappoint style watchers. It's the fashion super bowl. Reigning as unofficial queen of the night, Sarah Jessica parker, one of the ball's co-chairs, who wowed in Oscar de la rent. Is it fair to say, it's the oscars of fashion? That's a fair characterization. Absolutely. Reporter: Her escort, Andy Cohen, who tended to parker's spirit. It's hard to get all of that in the car. Reporter: Trying to land on the best dressed list, trying to make it up approximately 30 stairs in sky-high stilettos. The challenge was easier for some. More difficult for others. I can't take it anymore. I'm sorry. Reporter: Earlier in the day, the who's who of the fashion world turned out to watch first lady Michelle Obama, cut the ribbon on the new Anna wintour center, in a ceremony that moved the legendary "Vogue" editor to tears. And celebs embraced the opportunity to turn out in vol luminous skirts. And top hats and tails. Johnny Depp and Carmelo Anthony among them. The ball's 600 guests were expected to party into the night. The rest of us, we were feasting on the best selfies anybody could ever ask for. Can we do a selfie? Absolutely. Reporter: I'm not complaining. What a fun, fun night. Another interesting trend last night was another woman sporting pants on the red carpet. Stella Mccartney was there. Working the pants. And Kristen wiig, sporting them, as well. It feels like the over-the-top -- yeah. It was really neat, though. She looked super chic. And Janelle mona. Capes were a trend on that carpet. Whether they will trend to mainstream, who knows. A lot of bold fashion choices. Taking chances last night. Really fun. There's the white house correspondents' dinner.

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{"id":23603079,"title":"Glamorous Red Carpet at the Met Ball","duration":"2:57","description":"Rachel Smith reports on one of the most stylish events of the year.","url":"/GMA/video/glamorous-red-carpet-met-ball-23603079","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}