'GMA' 40 for 40: Pitbull Gives Advice on Turning 40

The artist talks with Amy Robach about his upcoming performance on "GMA" on Thursday.
8:04 | 11/18/15

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Transcript for 'GMA' 40 for 40: Pitbull Gives Advice on Turning 40
We actually have a very big guest. With us right now we want to keep the party going and who better to help us do that than a man who is sold more than fifty million singles around the globe mr. worldwide himself. People joining us on the phone and Stifel for space for helping us celebrate Jimmy's fortieth birthday. Well we're all over an article fortieth birthday we got it pretty should or do you really important. So argument are looking but an apple. Thank not a lie detector Robert. You're a funny thought her right thing you're gonna be joining us on that Thursday morning to perform live. I know you've got you always have a big performance ready for us Kinney give it any hints of what we can expect. What I good evening it's always about and he and in especially being. Good Morning America we wanna wake up all of America would we be great energy. And Kennedy saw positive things looked at best. Get ready to have hard and the court will state that. You don't and you have been on our show many many times your friend of the show. Do you have any favorite moments here on Good Morning America is not fall. Didn't equivalent of what would help. Some of the hardest working days in mind. It is in my menus were have to go home. Hopefully American music awards. Jump off stage jump on a playing pretty good Good Morning America jumped on basic Good Morning America. And let them. It. And some of them I don't remember good mom probably. And therefore that plaque from the celebrated with a great minds so before you kind of look at me. It happened yet you know we have a favorite memory at least I do people I don't know if you remember. When you were on Good Morning America the same day. That kids came to TFS do you remember and I couldn't all of the video and an area what do mom in. Grace. Giggle bestowed America somehow somebody can buy the whole the whole world. And here when you think you're going through something we look back. Delegates they're evacuating and you go man what am I don't worried about look at him and his agent Pittsburgh great inspiration or motivation of the yes. I definitely remember limited. And in you're always so will need to energy you have pickle can you get I I could use some of what you have been we have to get up in the morning you it doesn't even fees you fly all night as you mentioned you come in GMA. Are you a copy guy are you a Red Bull guy what do you do. Now I'm on my time adapting vitamin. Keeping with what we've got better after her practice every day above ground to Greg de fund to appreciate the opportunity to view put Iraq vehicular Bradley cartilage. Yes very well said and you know what you've got a new single free just came out last month. I won't be inspiration behind the song. What you know out of the way we've got a record it is it is caught double B. Do you hate so pretty lucky we'll get direct from really think that maybe like. Okie and we appreciate freaky you know this is all about being is free now being raised by a single mother worked to retrieve. I'm Rick Buchanan the women Colorado well okay it's okay. Aren't going to enjoy go escape a little bit from. Take care redeemable on and how we're gonna go on being taken job we can get to school I want to get things do an escape and that's what records reviewed all about. I love it and then and that's just the first single on your new album climate change. What are we getting here on mass. Will bother me I'm. He would be Mormon defendant pleaded for the didn't. The current. We did some of the officials for more development here will be going to be enough aren't good. We are people like these. A problem is you. Auckland you have. You have a very effective you're looking on are you he hit his blood his. You can call him later worked there won't ring finger karma or not only owners are littered everywhere in the universe he. That's your heating it up I know that much you're heading to Paraguay. Right after you perform live with us here Jamie on Thursday what can parent watch. I wired so we're going to be doing our children live. They're from what are what we've all schools federal Lima sporting a federal. Can see. And that will be over their witnesses in the years that there will be doing a concert now on federal. And then we come back with dual very accurate cougar apparently someone's. Very special wedding. C mutual became. Wow that is fairies that I like he's account of why I needed to roll my ours I appreciate that. On you for your featured in the new HBO documentary called the Latin explosion a new America but how Latino artists have influenced your life. An American culture. What impact have you had you think on American culture. Barnard do what impact American cultures have grown up and really what I mean Bradley Paris. What do you give those that never had the opportunity. Have an opportunity to control on that piece of freedom and it has to be able schools stick graph fit there their their boy can. I look like anything like what we're gonna speed bump. I'll repeat he knows but I indefinitely adjourned so much fun but it would be easy. Didn't everybody would do is vote black coat is all about this funny story. And you know what you're performers that are vile. I want to fuel. Anybody to feel bad about what we believe who know what's more like we want to inspire motivate everybody here hit a we all come from the same struggle one way or another we've all looked the same dream where another he has nothing better. In the B 1 o'clock we'll with the American dream he Cumberland and and it broke. I love it I mean that's just such a way to live I love your productivity and and seeing higher. Such a positive guy I want to ask you for some advice on turning forty. Papa. Don't think I don't turn important well under a couple days. They did nothing but a number. I thought I'd like Symbian Italians say you should never pounds a couple of things you should never count how many glasses of wine you drink he's never count. How old you are break. Please. I would say that they invested mr. Obama. You know I think he cute baby it'd probably be pretty good at C. But I thought that. What's currently she never performed a ball. My commitment. Or would the maybe didn't technical department you know they have favored by coming inevitable Foreman caught on home for your dad carneval it was still. Scale inside your killing Miami police don't act kind of book energy he's the Levys believe that in the days. Who didn't speak truth to the birth of my people of this going black itself nothing nothing to have deputies would welcome of the carnival Booth and the former. I love I would just watching you are so full of energy I'm not I want to ask you one last question what do you do. Come on wind what do you do to relax. What. What have you noticed that a little bit of holy water and I see it go very helpful before I don't think he. They're. Are I cannot wait to see you in the flesh on Thursday people think so much for joining us. Stated mark let us cook resignation within. Forty billion going to debut of the other number and with us tonight and we do get. Celebrating you guys and always been for the opportunity and everybody out there and you don't put up dollars to remove them did would have been buckling but that he. What a great guy I love I love that attitude I love that god. To pump up a bank you get well.

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{"duration":"8:04","description":"The artist talks with Amy Robach about his upcoming performance on \"GMA\" on Thursday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35264288","title":"'GMA' 40 for 40: Pitbull Gives Advice on Turning 40","url":"/GMA/video/gma-40-40-pitbull-advice-turning-40-35264288"}