'GMA' Audience Members Try Homemade Face Masks

Dr. Whitney Bowe helps apply homemade face masks to members of the audience.
1:44 | 01/06/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'GMA' Audience Members Try Homemade Face Masks
Instead they aren't. That we can have a home to make these masks with just two looking ingredients they already have in your kitchen. So this one over here the beautiful Eva is sporting a coffee frowned and yogurt mask. I can't ask for hangover math. Class I don't get me back into. Put that are. It might sell it and spreading the heat hot thing that cat link actually reduces swelling and and in the over is really pulling in soothing comments yet any type of the other and they haven't actually down ballot you slam title immediately as the great grandson that the president defending finally ran copy reads just a few tablespoons of finally got popping open up occurring and is confident he. You and in the teens know where you just want clean repeal parts nothing fruit flavored nothings to recap okay. Wigand's anger at home my out of telling the heat that hasn't been very deliberate. And what over here doctor and a million region jerking though she's wearing a redness reducing masks and this one actually has just two ingredients again. It's just we eighteen hundreds what you do is open up to green tea bags just dumped the contents into a ball. And a couple jobs and water to I want him to Helene and another three tablespoons of honey can you mix it together painted on fifteen of wanting it brings down the rates of mental level. But these are great if it helps bring up saloon anti inflammatory temple anti inflammatory and you know we knew we knew that our audience wanted to participate. I was if you understand. Don't know it now there's got to do this. Absolutely absolutely think human rights not.

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{"duration":"1:44","description":"Dr. Whitney Bowe helps apply homemade face masks to members of the audience. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44588352","title":"'GMA' Audience Members Try Homemade Face Masks","url":"/GMA/video/gma-audience-members-homemade-face-masks-44588352"}