'GMA' Back-to-School Deals on Lunch Essentials and Room Decor

Tory Johnson shares exclusive back-to-school deals at least 50 percent off.
3:00 | 08/13/14

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Transcript for 'GMA' Back-to-School Deals on Lunch Essentials and Room Decor
All right, it's time for Tory Johnson and that means "Deals & steals." This is our back-to-school edition. We want to revamp your student's room both at home and in the dorm. The bargains will fly so you know you need to get to our website, goodmorningamerica.com on Yahoo! For all the promo codes and links have you for the discounts and a big thank you in advance to everybody who gave us these deals. Let's start with this. This is our own Gary who put these together which means anybody can put them together if Gary put them together. 'Not even paying attention. What's amazing about these, you can stack and do a little bookcase or an open cube like this and it closes. They're made from recycled paper board. Cool. Very easy. Normally the deal ranks from 20 to $135 slashed in half starting at 10 bucks and the entire website has deals like this. Great way to get organized and create space. Tah-dah. From roomy. These are customized pillows. We created these that says bed head and call your mom. You get to create your own message. It's up to 24 characters, 60 fronts, ten colors and an amazing deal, this one slashed by 64%. Your own pillow, $14 and free shuiing on this too. Cute. Next. Isn't it fun? I want to lift all these books at once. Whoa. That was impressive. That's like a strahan-type thing. Calendars.com. 5,000 different calendars for to you choose from starting with the school year, 2015 depending on what your family likes, these are wall calendars, big assortment. Normally 3 to $30. These are all slashed in half, really just starting at $1.50. Nice, cute. All right, next one. This is a dorm room essential we saw on shark tank. The rapid ramen cooker and brand-new rapid Mac cooker. You can cook it in five minutes. Every dorm needs these. You get two of them slashed in half, 5 to 6 bucks, really fun treat. Forget the dorm. You need them at home. Here we go. Last deal. Pack it, freezable lunch bags. Freezable gel is built inside so everything stays cold for up to ten hour, huge assortment. 12 to 30 bucks depending on the style you choose slashed in half, $6. You can't beat that. And last but not least our deals right up there from wall pop so massive assortments of these are the positional removable so they don't ruin the paint all kinds of decals for chalk, fun word, art, big, big assortment. Normally 15 to $46 these are slashed in half so 7.50. Awesome. That's awesome. Very cool deals. Thanks to the companies for all of these products and check out our website, goodmorningamerica.com on Yahoo! For the links and codes and thank you, Tory, as always. And then we have bonus offers, bonus offers that you'll only

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{"id":24959090,"title":"'GMA' Back-to-School Deals on Lunch Essentials and Room Decor","duration":"3:00","description":"Tory Johnson shares exclusive back-to-school deals at least 50 percent off.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-back-school-deals-lunch-essentials-room-dcor-24959090","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}