'GMA' Debate Stress Test: Is the Election Stressing You Out?

"GMA" tracked viewers' stress levels as Clinton and Trump faced off in the third and final presidential debate.
3:28 | 10/20/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'GMA' Debate Stress Test: Is the Election Stressing You Out?
There's Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on the stage last night. A lot of tense moments in that debate and a lot of tense moments for people at home watching as well. We thought of a pretty good idea and conducted a realtime stress test on a group of voters during the final debate. ABC's Mara schiavocampo is here with the results. Good morning, Mara. Reporter: Amy, good morning. You know, the country is deeply divided and people are definitely feeling it. One volunteer surveyed by the American psychological association finding 52% of adults reporting that 2016 election is a very stressful or somewhat stressful experience and last night we saw that first hand. You were very much involved -- excuse me. Reporter: The debate a head-to-head battle filled with emotion both for the candidates on stage. He'd rather believe Vladimir Putin -- Reporter: And the flowers at home. Give me a break. Has been corroborated. Reporter: "Gma" doing its own unscientific stress test. This is your self-reported stress level check-in. Ten voters using an app to rate their levels of stress one through ten while watches the candidates up on the stage. So this is where we're starting. This is our predebate stress check-in. You can see that the numbers actually pretty low. The average score, 3.27. They also strap on a myzone heart rate monitor. A raised heartbeat a potential side effect of stress providing a window into how this election may be affecting us. The election is everywhere. Social media, tweeting. We're inundated in it. Reporter: While the group's self-rated stress and heart rates start low they don't stay there. During candidates responses on an abortion question, tempers rise. It's my body. I get to do whatever is in it. Reporter: So do heart rates. 9 background color changing as they go up. The group physically feeling the tension. How do you feel right now. Stressed. Tight. I feel it in my -- It's almost like I'm holding my breath and just like this pressure. I felt my jaw clenching. The tightness in the chest, it really hits you hard. Reporter: The political climate affecting the group as a whole. While some argue -- She's full of . The heart rates of even those just listening rise. Because they were shouting, some were cursing. That's when I could feel my heart, like I could hear it in my ears. Reporter: The biggest stress response during the discussion of trump's treatment of women. Nobody has more respect for women than I do. Nobody. Reporter: These are the highest levels that we've seen all night and the interesting thing is the stress levels are an even split between supporters of both candidates. The nature of these two candidates has just brought out a lot of emotion in people. Reporter: In September, a pew research center found 50% frustrated. 55% disgusted and 43% scared. Worrying about who is going to win the election isn't going to actually do anything. Do what you are in control of. Go out and vote. Reporter: Overall self-reported stress rising steadily throughout the evening and there are still 19 days left for the election. Hillary, have you no idea. Reporter: Now, doctors point out the heart rate changes are not necessarily caused by stress. Still, the overall self-reported stress levels during the debate averaging 6.8 out of 10. The trump supporters reporting a slightly higher average of stress than the Clinton supporters but it is stressful just being around all that arguing, George.

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{"id":42919762,"title":"'GMA' Debate Stress Test: Is the Election Stressing You Out? ","duration":"3:28","description":"\"GMA\" tracked viewers' stress levels as Clinton and Trump faced off in the third and final presidential debate.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-debate-stress-test-election-stressing-42919762","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}