We Are 'GMA:' How educators helped rebuild a community after Hurricane Matthew

"GMA" is launching the We Are GMA campaign to honor ordinary people doing extraordinary things for their communities.
9:05 | 02/16/17

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Transcript for We Are 'GMA:' How educators helped rebuild a community after Hurricane Matthew
love to share these kind of big moment, surprises with all of you at home. Part of what we like to call we are "Gma" and this morning we are in lumberton, north Carolina, a city devastated by hurricane Matthew last fall. More than 350 families are still living in temporary shelters. The flooding also destroyed the community center and west lumberton elementary school. Those students now sharing the junior high and it's four women who have been bringing this community and the students together and they are with our rob right now. Good morning, rob. Good morning. Good morning, robin. Here they are as you mentioned. Hurricane Matthew. You know, so often it's the coastal town, beach towns that get all the attention when a hurricane comes ashore. More often than not it's the inland cities that get the horrific devastating flooding and the way the community persevered is truly remarkable. FEMA came in and did their part and helped out a lot but there is a lot of work to be done. I am here with sorry, Angela Faulkner, the president or the principal of this junior high school. Yes. With Tara Bullard the west Lumb lumberton elementary school absorbed and Felicia hunt and Vicki mcgurt. Both student counselors instrumental in getting the community back on its feet. Make no mistake, these Fuhr ladies are heroes and what they don't know is that we are here to honor and celebrate them with this community to show them just how much they appreciate you. Have a look. There is flooding everywhere. Lumberton, North Carolina, hurricane Matthew leaving three-quarters of the city underwater. Over 1,000 homes destroyed. When you realize you don't have a home, you don't have nothing. The town's beloved elementary school left in shambles. It's very emotional. This school nemeans a lot to me and my family. Reporter: Four women working tirelessly day and night to help all the kids displaced. Student counselor, Vicki mcgurt and Felicia hunt locating kids in shelters and shattered homes providing much needed comfort and support. They knew they had a mission and knew that there was no option of failure, that they had to make sure that these kids that got displaced and lost their homes and their lives, that they were taken care of. Reporter: And a big change for many students. Lumberton junior high would now house the elementary school. The two principals, Tara Bullard and Angela Faulkner combined staff and resources to create a unified school and safe haven. On the first day back to school, big cheers and hugs. The student counselors meeting students and taking them into their new school. It made me feel like I was safe there. I didn't have to worry about anything. Reporter: Seeking out students who really needed help and making sure that everyone felt cared for. Together, these women inspired, led, gave hope to the recovering community. Miss Tara, I have so much respect for her, I look at her and I see a small package with a whole lot of heart. Felicia, I know how lost we would be without her and during this time, she was our angel. Miss Vicki mcgurt is the most amazing, sweet, passionate woman I've ever seen in my life. She cares about our student, our students are always first. ??? How about that? I tell you what, lady, miss Felicia, I heard you reference the students as your babies. What is it make you feel right now to hear your babies and their appreciation for you? It brings tears to my eyes because you just show up every day and you hope that what you're doing make a lot of difference in their lives and it does. It's good to see. Miss Tara, you were in your school the moment the water receded. Digging out whatever supplies you could have. You've come a long way, haven't you. Yes, a very long way and just been very welcomed on this campus. And, lady, I know you made sure they had a Christmas, a Thanksgiving and made sure they had supplies and things at Omaha they needed for their families. I mean, truly, truly heroes. You have given of your heart and your soul to this community last four months and we want to do a little something if you don't mind. Give a little piece of our collective hearts here at "Gma" and the lumberton community, are you ready? Go, go, go. That's it. That's it. The prep band, the cheerleaders, seventh graders and the elementary schoolkids. I love it. Let's get a good shot of it. Take a look at what it looks like from the air. Wow. I love that. That's awesome. See that heart. Awesome. You gave a lot of leadership. How does it feel to get that love back. It is awesome. Oh, wow. ??? Now, hundreds of people here giving you their collective heart. I love it. You guys just made the "Gma" heart, thank you very much. Well, we're not just here to give you our "Gma" hearts. You know you've been Tu a lot and rebuild and thank you for being an inspiration and creating the future you imagine for your students our parent company Disney is pledging to build a brand-new playground right here in lumberton. Right near the activity center. I know that's the central point of this community. Left that whole place underwater. Devastated. It's been closed since October. We'll help you get back on your feet as part of Disney, ABC and ESPN meet me at the park campaign, 16 local parks will receive grants for improvement projects including the park right here in lumberton. You got it. All right. If you don't mind, we're not done here. Rose home improvement headquartered right here in North Carolina has a little something else to add. Tad Maddox, the store manager. Welcome. Give it up. On behalf of Lowe's home improvement we're happy to offer you a $50,000 dough nation to the activity center and extremely proud to be a part of this community and here for the long haul to make sure we are rebuilt with pride. Thank you. Thank you. $50,000. From Lowe's home improvement. What do you say, ladies? All right. Thank you, Chad. Not only build the activity center, that activity center from what I've learned is where the kids go to play sport, it's where the kids go to study. It's physically where the kids go to have fun and missing since hurricane Matthew so with the help of Disney and Lowe's, the heart of the community can start again. Miss Felicia. What do you think about that. I think it's phenomenal. We're so excited. Thank you. Miss Vicki. It's awesome. It's amazing. Thank you. Miss Tara. Wonderful. And miss Angela. You know, thank you. So honored for me to meet you and so honored for the entire "Gma" staff to be here. Chad, thank you for the big bucks. I just have one more question for everybody here. Who are we? [ Chanting we are lumberton, we are "Gma" ] ??? And there's else that we want to mention. Let me check with the control room. Am I still okay to mention this -- okay, there are still hundreds of displaced families, go to our site to find out how to help. Dare to day Nate a dollar to support our friends in lumberton. It's been such a wonderful morning and so many times people at home want to know how they can help. Go to our website and we'll show you how you can do that. $1.

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{"duration":"9:05","description":"\"GMA\" is launching the We Are GMA campaign to honor ordinary people doing extraordinary things for their communities. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"45524670","title":"We Are 'GMA:' How educators helped rebuild a community after Hurricane Matthew","url":"/GMA/video/gma-educators-helped-rebuild-community-hurricane-matthew-45524670"}