The 'GMA' Gang Welcomes the Hosts of Fusion's 'The Morning Show'

Pedro Andrade, Mariana Atencio and Yannis Pappas discuss the new channel from ABC News and Univision
3:24 | 10/17/13

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Transcript for The 'GMA' Gang Welcomes the Hosts of Fusion's 'The Morning Show'
continue. The newest morning team to television. The team from fusion, that's a new channel, being launched by abc news and univision. Welcome to morning television, guys. Thank you so much. Yeah. Every morning, you have to have a greet? Every show. I think every abc company has to have one difficult name to pronounce on the morning show. Here's the twist for you. You're actually a comedian. I'm a comedian. This is a big change for you. I am waking up when I used to go to bed. I wake up at 3:00. It's dark when I go to sleep. I'm a morning show host or a vampire. We will learn which one. Or both. You never know. How has it been for you, the transition? The 3:00 wake-up call? My relationship has taken a toll. I'll tell you that. Yo uh have to have dinner at 6:00 p.M. Early bird special, my friends. With the miami sunshine. You can't pretend that that's even remotely, you know, comfortable. But you know, we're doing it. And we're having fun. And we're going to car pool to make sure he gets in. In a few months, 6:00 p.M. Will feel like a late dinner. It's not waking up. It's going to dead early. Waking up at 3:30, it's okay. But 7:00, before coming home from work. And they're like getting ready to go to the gym or ready to go to dinner. And you're standing there, i have to get to bed. You start learning tips how to go to bed. I watch "golden girls." It puts you to sleep like ambien. Make no mistake. It's nice to see you guys, by the way. Thank you for coming in. Nice to see you. The backdrop is miami, which is spectacular. Tell me a little bit about how gorgeous the view is. Oh, unbelievable. Beautiful. Unbelievable. Everything is happening in miami. We have a segment called welcome to florida. Right now, we're in the studio so much, that we hardly see miami at all. But we're excited for our schedule to change so we can go to the beach. We have a crazy night. Man, we were out until 8:30 last night. Going wild. Everything was going to 8:45. It was crazy. You're trying to do something different in the morning. A morning show for 24-year-olds. A show like they love. Very fast-paste. Sometimes very fun world that young people live in. He's brazilian. She's venezuelan. I'm a greek-american. We're like the united nations of morning show. We have to be very transparent and open about our personal lives and make fun of ourselves all the time. You're missing a surfer-like weather man who loves miami so much. We need you. We're taking it up with your producers. And we have a platform that talks about everything from hard news to really fun stuff. It's a dream job. You're already calling the delay button. Standards and practices. They tape my face on it. They can just smack it when i

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{"id":20596485,"title":"The 'GMA' Gang Welcomes the Hosts of Fusion's 'The Morning Show'","duration":"3:24","description":"Pedro Andrade, Mariana Atencio and Yannis Pappas discuss the new channel from ABC News and Univision","url":"/GMA/video/gma-gang-welcomes-hosts-fusions-morning-show-20596485","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}