'GMA' Halloween Scare-tacular: 'DWTS' Secret Audition Tapes

The “Dancing” pros screen audition tapes to lock in the new spooky cast.
4:09 | 10/31/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'GMA' Halloween Scare-tacular: 'DWTS' Secret Audition Tapes
Puts the night before all. And leave the dense prose had a trip airfares believe that because spooky season spectacular. Worthy of counter. I think about us on this with it though that first shooting and BUSP. Quick and they keep whom we can be. I'm clean. Bad and say zinc. And a line. And she's Donna let me. I'm. Fiance in tropic you know it's about me and me and my hand. Tool. A man was not. It or split of its government's man hasn't. She can definitely. Wouldn't she give us all of the right hi I'm. I'm ready thing. I don't know much it was four. You. You. You guys from Walking Dead to dancing Devoe on zombies. The incredible. Hey the man. Twelve room to move this one tries. We're did your. Only. To being. Gary yeah. Leave. I think was involved in this without yeah. As. Any we have roots the only says it only says what they. Let's take place. Maybe it treated come to being this guardian from the galaxy. And she only has one blank which is that truck stop obviously there's not a flattering to most news. Law. All of the I had. Heard I'm word. Oh Alice that was interest thing Adam. Here. Gary Sick. The cruise Kenneth Jones and acting we'll little. Tonight tonight in a cast and look into a tight. So quickly the bull roof with a dancing revealed a fantasy cast to make new clothes.

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{"duration":"4:09","description":"The “Dancing” pros screen audition tapes to lock in the new spooky cast. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26592576","title":"'GMA' Halloween Scare-tacular: 'DWTS' Secret Audition Tapes","url":"/GMA/video/gma-halloween-scare-tacular-dwts-secret-audition-tapes-26592576"}