'GMA' helps reunite people with unclaimed cash

"Good Morning America" helps people track down how to get money in the form of lost paychecks, rebates, insurance payouts and more in so-called unclaimed money.
4:13 | 06/01/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'GMA' helps reunite people with unclaimed cash
Kicking off two great days of helping you find unclaimed cash. Gio Benitez is back and he hit it out of the park with some folks at a recent baseball game. Isn't that right, gio? Reporter: I like that. Best job in the world giving away money. Paycheck, life insurance payout, believe it or not, sometimes these go missing and estimated billions of dollars in so-called unclaimed money just waiting to be claimed so we help reunite baseball fans with some of that cold, hard cash in Chicago. ??? we're in Chicago, Illinois, spending an afternoon with the famed Chicago white sox. This is it, you guys. This is it. Gio Benitez. Reporter: Throwing out the ceremonial first pitch. There you go, man. Thank you. No problem. Thanks for coming out. Reporter: But also connect local fans with cash they never few existed. We got the first pitch. Now free money. You see, cash that sits unclaimed for an average of three years gets turned over to state offices across the nation totaling somewhere in the ballpark of $40 billion, all just waiting to be reclaimed from its citizens from sources like paychecks never cashed, rebates that were perhaps lost in the mail, even old long forgotten bank accounts. So outside the stadium we're putting it to the test setting up our "Gma" show me the money table manned by members of the Illinois state treasurer's office simply typing in names to its website to see which local fans have unclaimed Free money. Right that way. You want to see if you have any lost money. Yes. Would you care for a chicken wing? Thank you very much. No, but would you care for some free money? Reporter: It was a slow start. No unclaimed money. I came broke and going back broke. Reporter: It was discuss a matter of time. This woman snatching 30 bucks from a bed, bath & beyond rebate. Lucky fans owed money we're told the exact dollar amount by e-mail. $524.39. Whoa. 524 -- look at that you are happy. You are happy. All right, hugs. $861.26. Whoa! Look at that. Some money. This is hysterical. Our photographer has some lost money. It's pretty cool. Reporter: Even the white sox making some green. How much is it? It's $900. Whoa! Reporter: That money from an overpayment never delivered. Its mascot accepting a check on the team's behalf. And what we found next. A thousand dollar. What? Yeah. It's a thousand bucks and then some, Andrew discovering more than $1100 sitting in a mutual fund started by his grandma. You had no idea this money was sitting there. No, I did not. For his brother. Another 1100. Yeah. 1,000. That is one big check. The tall gentleman signing all the checks, Illinois treasurer Michael frerics. One in four finds something that belongs to them and the average amount is a thousand dollars. The biggest amount I gave back was a million dollars. Feel a bit like Oprah. You get a check. In total our event reconnecting folks with more than $9,000. Talk about a home run. Did you hear that? Fans who stop by our table at the game found more than $9,000 total but when word started spreading on social media and other folks started searching, that number jumped to $90,000. Oh, my goodness. That was just one day in Illinois. I tell you right now everybody in here is excited. Oh, yes. But everyone at home has to be excited too. What do you viewers do. We searched Illinois state treasury website. Go to your own state and type in your name and family's name and also look for states that you've lived in because sometimes that money is hiding out in the past. Hey, George. I was doing it just now. Oh, really? We're on the air. 9:00. Hey, gio, thank you very much. A lot of people will be happy. Each state has an office dedicated to reuniting people with unclaimed money so get a complete list on our website. Make sure you do that.

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{"id":47759168,"title":"'GMA' helps reunite people with unclaimed cash","duration":"4:13","description":"\"Good Morning America\" helps people track down how to get money in the form of lost paychecks, rebates, insurance payouts and more in so-called unclaimed money. ","url":"/GMA/video/gma-helps-reunite-people-unclaimed-cash-47759168","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}