GMA LIVE! (01.03.13)

Watch "GMA LIVE!" With Josh Elliott, Lara Spencer and Elizabeth Vargas From Times Square.
3:00 | 01/03/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (01.03.13)
Okay. Never and it is -- -- -- by the way spirit award for this audience thanks. -- go forward show. He's -- our audience -- -- really cold day and we found that out in the shout yes women outside her ready I'm -- segment what were gonna bring that back in just moments. But they're Spencer Elizabeth Vargas -- to be here but you know yesterday at a we need a jacket. Because we were worried about our social media guru. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Maybe me. As ever before we get to you and you let's get to you Andrew but from yesterday when you were begging the Internet predation -- we have that he's got a huge panel that's. -- -- -- -- -- -- Page -- why don't we I don't know how well -- this is good would happen. It's the only -- is Arnold anyway let me get it anyway yeah. And we asked people -- you can breathe in the new year. -- today got to sell out. Did -- you -- -- how many that delay. Know and who. -- -- want a piece of that I even. We want to talk to suggest that we're clear kids at a spring at NY UK I'm sure and he is it wrong yeah. Yeah by hitting somebody -- was misspelling the winner. We'll probably get out ahead -- you -- -- you Scotty Scott real -- now and you know that's -- there's one guy who shouldn't be calling you a little. Updating I don't have today Andrea we have we did -- we we asked people what entire what is keeping you warm today because of global. Ginger with Doug -- there was no Al paso. -- we asked people what's keeping you warm there. I shouldn't. From Texas she's keeping warm with her slippers and a -- I love that not stomach that an antique. What that character right there where that's from and then Natalie and that's just from Texas. Her little tie. -- -- Or -- I'm so glad that that age right there creamy. Because they can't touch them. And having eye candy for us did you know -- I don't but I had a cat that's. Okay all right that's not my eye candy that. Head of the day -- watches GMA every day. Well in Ohio. And don't know Lee Brown -- Amanda. Is our competitive -- casino with a remote controlled I was you know what I want to. Give it a man -- -- out of that recognized that she was out she was watching the parade on New Year's Day and she was at a Bob Evans wherever she lives and she made the entire restaurant watch the parade on ABC so bad that we we thank you thank you are so. This is a hunk of man America Internet yeah. Spring and -- and why I am glad to give you away if if if -- -- -- You know -- -- requirements isn't willing like how he likes rock while I'm gonna -- -- sushi and his designs include -- people. On top so yeah -- they have you counting. Q how well I'll let you know what comes and you yeah I think -- -- following him very closely here on GMA -- big fan of Larry pleated evening part -- that way. You -- know when that we've been doing all this week we -- jump starting our January ailment that on GMA healthy you wrap up everything from your -- to a year and -- to your love life and the visit this week somebody got all about getting fed will be jump starting his February February. On Sunday will be just -- but what do you. Not let this region he internecine continue very inspiring people who've lost a collective 1000. Pound and that -- more -- -- chapters for these. If you look at this. -- relief -- I'm missing a shot -- -- six to 135 and 426. Say you know we do this we do these all the time it's that could never get old -- Even get seed behind the curtains and -- these people even introducing you to have -- this we -- -- -- -- -- the crucial and that and that's a little bit that you can take a little germ are a kernel of there experience there you -- -- I think what's -- -- and and and we we have -- -- -- some of the best in the business to help us help you and I'm really help ourselves and as -- -- Only to -- -- -- that Chris Powell from extreme -- current. -- -- -- -- -- Harley Pasternak who trains -- they -- and that. Knocking you you know and it ultimately has the coolest video game I've never seen them that was -- And -- -- Ago became a block. Yeah -- -- what you think you think videogames you think couch potato this is quite the opposite every and I actually did it. It's really great like -- somehow -- your ears and your video self yells at me. -- -- I yell I'm sarcastic but I let you know -- during -- right or wrong. It's like having you there but friends heard about so for people who are sitting at this morning wouldn't -- what are the. Top three things you can even do your own living room that yeah don't have a budget hearing wanted to see you're not going to feeling better about yourself off the -- I mean I can't stress enough. And you heard the message before it's a simple walk let this be the year that you Wear out your first -- run -- -- -- Eaton walked up the escalator literary trick isn't how I started running was on the ice to give myself schools like I -- see let's just pretend the teeny camera. Over there and act like -- managed springs -- teeny camera. And then I'll walk to the -- beyond it and then you know I and I'm and they restrict it into his eyes and it insights -- tonight -- and suddenly realized that it the distance was able to get longer and that I was able to run five K and I never -- -- initiative cholera has been you know. -- running -- -- I'm taking part directly god. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Dan and I can't stress that's an oven and the fact is you know you're busy mom and we're all busy people we have a lot of commitments and we don't have time sometimes to get to the -- And it's an intimidating place sometimes it's cost prohibitive -- to be able to see in your living room and do your workouts in 25 minutes I consider him a hug. -- do you -- me here in New Year's Day is upon us again I mean. Do trainers put country over just wait for January 1 to hit when we all suddenly turn our focus again -- -- it seems you there's this collective. Propulsion to do it and then starts to -- -- -- How do you. Obviously hadn't grabbed -- -- into the -- by the end of January a lot of the gym memberships and things we just -- this on 20/20 you know as we have the -- like. Different you know what what you look like depends on what really gets they've allowed or not the I don't know let it quit it the beginning in January they get these gym membership applications and they're gone by February this. Yeah it's pretty incredible this is the week. Not just a month but the week of the year yeah Barbara wakes up January 1 since it. This is gonna visit I'm gonna join that Zimmerman -- get a new work out of people new issues new gadgets knew everything. And then come January 15 music for. I give us give us one great tech then of how do we get past how we keep the guy didn't get it -- not -- -- I'm guilty as charged up. There is no amount of exercise -- -- they can make up for bad died so that should be first and foremost you don't need extra time and today not even one extra minute. To eat properly make good decisions. Three meals two snacks a day every time you -- there should be a low fat protein. -- fiber and a healthy fast and other -- goes up online yeah. -- Google and so what would into the making of this -- when you wouldn't do it to tell you why you ask you with all the Dotson the electrodes all over me. Luckily -- in -- naked. They apparently they've actually been that. I don't get but this weird body -- army and now -- all over and I think sixty cameras surrounding me. Doing them medals and scanning my face getting my hands my -- is so precise. Amount but they give the community tolerance. Basically -- it would have been a completely different -- yes. -- it we have a poll we have a GMA really live -- don't know what it is it's what you're -- New Year's resolution. So would you log on ways. And let us know -- of -- -- -- you -- if you had to pick one in the east. I would I would quit smoking -- -- -- smoke and those. You know what I'm. I think of a new hobby opposite of the new hobby. -- don't know what it'll be however everyone has said moves away. What they should be saying is ice and get healthy. I'm happy -- get healthy because I think for me sleep. Diet and exercise are all intertwined -- -- -- myself but it about it's how you. That was actually asleep firmly we are talking -- for me at slip for all of us really let's be honest -- we don't have gotten our lives. -- we really here there's two hormones once called virulent it increases your appetite we don't sleep enough your body makes more of it you get hungrier and that's the problem has captivity one. And it was called cortisol which suppresses immune system and also you know helps her body turn food and -- -- so. -- -- -- -- You just feel -- you do now making him. Your dad that your resistance is low firm resisting yeah and you don't have the energy to go to the -- -- here -- we're dealing with the same things you are and I'm -- give -- some really great easy tips if you log onto GMA dot com -- -- I'm thank you for -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And Elizabeth you and I shared affinity for certain pockets -- work of literature. Cool thing I call NX rated Nancy Drew serious. -- -- -- -- -- -- we -- itself amounted to integrate our Elizabeth -- -- and doppler last year at first person interviewer and and now how well you can take a college course. In the end the block it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The moral -- the book hood has an idea about how reading is the class room you've. You watching ESPN has also passed no I didn't read the book I. You know what I did. Sam I read chapter fourteen on the air we need -- dramatic -- -- I was trying to tell American turns out news yeah it turns out you can't get through to sentence is -- -- without something field. Do I wonder how -- can -- -- who move out of tracing large. -- -- -- -- university there's a there's o'clock -- it's not you know sexuality. On -- fan fiction and social media called contemporary American culture of the fifteen shades trilogy trilogy. 25 students won't take the course starting this month. Most of them are seniors honors programs I guess it's like you know what you guys that are -- had a job. -- -- -- -- But Letterman I mean Kennedy like dissecting. And I do -- want to write these you know what I'd love to we did it I -- point one peace as we haven't that we haven't done enough competition -- -- twenty tonight. Now degree energy EL James but the point a story on the fact that there are now he's. Sex -- parties. That women are having you all over the planet like what they know they have it. Not immediately -- you random -- Rhonda shallow lake which ones. Riding crops like her -- -- -- -- Soledad right -- yeah leather goods DNA why it's. Our job you know and -- don't believe -- -- at a fitness video game I might buy it. Yeah -- I think you should do fifty shades of exercise. I don't mind yeah. -- -- -- -- little in the background you know. I'm Dorian hardly uncommon a hot. So he asks about your -- -- -- Stay on the record on GM had like you really get a lot of heat on on Twitter we're Woodward went. Work correspondents were reporters he had an ideology that is a huge debt we have to -- because we're talking about -- time. People are really great and we love it and I are your favorite it's time there is so much coverage tablet. -- what I had to read it. Now I have no idea about. No -- -- dying and Don Carty stepped up parties for what's. -- -- I visit my wife read the book and I felt somewhat threatened because no matter what you do as a married man it's that you can't get knocked him to go about planning you know. -- -- because my. My husband did try and pick up the first -- that I wanted to see what this is all. And I thank you got to page 22 and said this -- for the yeah I picked up and gone to a random page and supported this and I started reading -- -- right. This is not a lot of -- tell me. -- twenty to mark makes my -- my husband is a it's an incredibly sophisticated reader. Renting really I want you know what I want I want marks. Review those 22 pages -- -- -- -- -- -- you have special guest tomorrow I'll have him write a little. Regular blank out of pity only on this show you hear things in your ears like let's get play of the day get -- the -- so -- Yes sometimes. Does things go off without the sketch on this program -- highly isn't a Latino collaborative best team in the business. I -- sometimes. Things don't work at all. We want to show you that we ended the show the -- -- Episode bears CNET bonus I was gonna -- gonna go out get out -- they'll get out there. They'll come on and on and -- -- Can't wait let's -- the WB bill was blocked by the non -- brown yeah come on -- we have no. -- I'll call him. I'm -- right now go to the companies made -- Guide and then and then there. Now it feels like -- let him make you. Yeah. Green academy Handel bill probably around us now I know how it's a great core workout didn't -- -- want -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah it did you get picked to do this I mean last minute there whose students short -- -- college joins that short drop. You're doing a -- with you aren't -- -- like get downstairs. Following -- running downstairs outside AM until the pull them -- Not know -- -- sort of happened what do you know and a quarter -- under -- they -- their lives. There was one once upon a time here on Good Morning America on the beach. -- electable that works and Samuel. -- -- Hansen -- barely clothed and really -- the -- got yeah. Got a future on the TV off. It's a pretty slow and it doesn't look -- yeah I know and you gotta feeling a little mountain now has screaming squealing like a child. -- -- Mechanical bull was frozen in 1 place all morning yes we still all -- out the -- We've gathered around. And my dad isn't one that's what they do -- here Jim I wanna begin -- Farley -- -- -- Hollywood worked out. Well and those bull riding techniques are beginning yeah at east Brady and why we get command a -- -- in the calendar year -- I don't want to thank all of you catalog and on spending part everybody. -- see you tomorrow. It is they're spending their time.

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