GMA LIVE (01.08.14)

Ginger and Sarah learn how to make the perfect macaron on 'GMA Live!'
3:00 | 01/08/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (01.08.14)
Get ready for some GMA lives. It all starts now live backstage -- GMA. Yeah there always more -- every single day and enjoying the and a lovely ceremony. And that. I had not because I had not on weekends anymore I didn't see your close call -- I can we please tell kids hey. I did wish you were there during yet. Spiderman Batman and have. -- -- -- -- Many new falling yes because you're OK we're all very happy. Yeah. Started equipment -- laughter in your ear on that. Halfway down they realize I was going down and anchored Ron in my here public. Nations like amanpour despite we -- that a few times because it associate ship -- -- on it it didn't turn out that way. But I know what people are not or he -- jumped in his ankle did something funny you looked down. I don't know. I mean point at this point and you forgiven him. All I forgave him by about Ian of the sham McKay had happier texting back and a -- -- right -- thing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Best thing to happen is plunging accidents -- the great thing anonymity -- don't talk about it out. So even knowing that he's neck and unfortunately it back on their cell with a hot -- -- -- and again. And later then paid a courtesy of the parents Bob hired bakery island -- -- he's gonna tell us how to make our own. Later we have that you see right here with that we have sent -- -- it. Hello look up to get hit us we view rate -- helped -- political fact that not a school visits to the Billy didn't -- -- Germany. The resort is up until April and take a look at some of the accommodations and chill out in the forty degree whirlpool. Pegged to the eight little bar for a cocktail bar horse meat out of ice in the -- room is about 255. Dollars and night which yeah. -- -- -- -- -- But a good cheeses at Bellevue I think -- important answer on that. Oh my goodness yeah -- I feel like we're leaving that right now in New York City hasn't been doing. Sorry -- -- paid for it. At that at that beautiful I think senator vice president portage your -- is a one use last minute and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You eat clinical. -- half. That's funny policy is -- Definitely do you have a brand is segment I know that -- senate I have actually gone -- and not deal with before and made something very special Big Apple and love. Chip says the column we're kind of that the animations that opened the segment this is our is if we complaint case. Yeah -- that is not nice I was not their. But it had audio. And data and viewing audience. Is that Sunday. Both Clinton battled that night. -- I apartments yeah. An ending we never Connecticut and added but hey let it -- the new one no it wasn't recorded by our very own Ross. And Brian and we want to hear that again ready. Well then -- Yeah I know I. It's it's like our very own you know when else -- the stars get together we put our stars of our backgrounds together to get back to get help and -- -- -- in any of your -- -- accent is my favorite -- you -- yeah that's -- Clinton did not calling -- I want this is because -- -- from eight Disney actually that's and that teach about weather and with all this cold across the country it you know folks in the news center of course we got -- visually show called that's tough to deal. And then not only us but our viewers then do it and and as long as you're safe there are some ways to experiment with the cold as the let's go first of the frozen T shirts and old classic he didn't let -- share it. Easy everybody with that it -- -- And what can you see how long it takes to -- -- Because yes it really is below freezing outside and -- that's how fast. Anybody can dip below thirty exhibited aren't your behind yeah no I -- think you wanna eat the teacher that he. -- -- -- -- It is very cool people and -- different versions of it that awesome instead of risking frostbite and that's something unique and you you also have other ideas and then people have done. You know the felling of the water I love Babylon -- -- we talked about yesterday we have -- -- little girl who called smoke Kol -- incidentally no parole. But I do want to show you someone who failed. At this well there's always a failed. Did not know what your friends. -- -- this is not good. We do not want to and -- in -- you have to have a certain level of cool they cannot just feet below freezing -- Kansas town boiling water out the door it would not work and saying and works better with -- angered that know what they're doing it. Yeah under parents have remained in -- and do anything that you can catch him there experimental -- I guess that's -- Atlanta but the -- don't rat -- ever do this please. We got to Casey and seeing the beautiful face this. This morning it's easy. I am it is. -- -- keeping an evening how out of our play of the -- help ease tough. Gorgeous so excited by the prospect of food falling from the sky they can hardly contain himself. You know black. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'd like -- dad never done that before but we've all seen and I AM this is how I -- mom. That's me breaking fast after and I don't know. That's got to act and -- -- that's. The only -- that was calorie three nine now. They do they're all very health conscious thought. Little wind getting in the water like -- union. Oh yeah you're hydrating Maine that I would that I need to collapse in the athletes -- -- -- owed it by the way notice is great he loves us Nancy and he -- the cold it's like they don't even know you guys notice that your pets. They have no idea that it is -- -- -- a sixth sense though this is an older dog he can feel weather coming on just like ginger and that type forecasts. We yeah. I let it is Otis and this leads us because we have to get to a head of the day who doesn't love and you Lloyd today goes to sounds out of the Italian Greyhound who unlike the Pentagon's apparently hate filling out -- sounds. All all. And probably not just this notable was what I think I'm -- him to hand. -- yeah yeah. Yeah. Follow. The it isn't good luck on them living here now -- keeping faith some are just better barefoot -- at his odds are probably better. I may tasting at the unique native means a lot of people -- that -- -- sometimes it got -- home Mickey got cold enough that they needed. To put them -- that -- aren't being looked like hearing about -- of the Greyhound don't have as much negative there's an end to the definitely need it. Yet they should eat more because that body fat really comes in handy in the winter season at its -- -- -- and I say yeah. Speaking out of body fat and even enjoy international and you. And that's how we get some of that but not too much of course and we do -- -- -- -- -- -- -- had a -- we've got the 7000. So much for being here -- I own. -- -- -- -- -- Yes I don't he's not from my Carroll is -- make hell unshakable and takeover your homemaker and a reaction to. So as -- an -- he's we created defended him because everybody loves so much of -- -- And they didn't really beautiful music and set an idiot we have a very much to -- -- to -- -- -- -- -- -- we created the -- the packaging. And they shed known you can push us into in the -- death. The coming -- -- -- Mayo Clinic the shelves exactly and you can't. Yeah idea you can feel free to fitted out for what you want -- fully -- -- -- you -- Bring some different can actually taken out in some of them at -- at IU EU can be -- forty if you want. We'll -- -- we want to be playful and the everywhere it we had consensual and we because she'll -- you know he can do is to issue of the death. -- -- cookies -- this weekend he can do. If you won't and a defeating needed in Iraq look at -- that the far out exactly that has a little -- I did you do if you want -- I'm trying to be they patent review -- -- that completely if need be put off all you have to do is talk to be playful stated exactly. But I can't believe it. I bring something different you know because -- -- a French and yes. I've read so before you look good if you want to do it don't you can who've been a good gently slowly yeah exactly and a -- -- -- -- -- how to hate the tonight. I believe it when you make you would you Mickey you have to leaving do you did you -- -- apple well nothing apparently an already absolutely he may do okay. I explained to you you have to stop the -- don't. You have to -- chose a -- he still holds a cream. But he. -- -- physician and medical need to be less chewy Cowell if you'd like. For the someone else and that marks know what I trained you can do even vice -- but that's. Can put up peanut butter on -- -- that they -- putting finish Ellen look at this group that tried to get -- look at we'll. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Lot on the wheel and I have that Glenn that's what you on the net mesa kidneys what you can tell you -- -- -- -- I actually -- -- -- coming -- And out if you that we have some already made I don't already I don't know -- -- season idea. And he is -- -- And cleaning we give them -- those conditions. Thank -- I think I'm -- -- -- -- is being -- -- -- -- -- you can do your own creation as the -- come with Colby Cohen received Pete. But she's free to make you won't out of their recipes in exactly I don't -- -- highlighted other -- she's sick of I don't like to make again she lifted the ticket and I did you do with cream and fresh memories and the kids love it. This is really good. You're making it about as easy as it will get here and I'll probably you know you can use that to the to indicate you don't always have to use as a knock a home. He can be useful media friend thinks you concede. At and it can be creative and think that I'm and you enjoyed -- -- just to shoot out and. -- How about I think he's -- and -- when you have people just just do you -- governor did did you. Got defeated by the key card you re publish something on their homes so American where we've finally say I am and no amount of every week and that to the shed a week -- -- -- by -- that's -- Hi Aaron that content exactly I'm really of the -- and we have him back out on a -- back -- was a great idea because. -- what do you have such come to -- to -- he's the most basic instinct yet. Make that addition it would become an ugly continuum and it said that you name them yourself and you can and it could have Hudgens that they should indeed be followed by -- said -- -- That's the reason -- Bhutto was a feeling you know. We'll be back to their table yeah nice though because we're trained experiment with making sure each part of this and -- global -- don't care that don't. Still we're just testing the product -- -- French and Italian you -- perfect tool for putting it really that accent I -- And yeah ahead for the senate I -- today. You -- I think we're much things have friends -- by -- -- -- for bringing -- these Phyllis is not -- room. An Angel -- make your own Mac maker rim. Hit -- -- the -- and a -- tomorrow morning at 9 AM. Here -- -- -- and we will yeah.

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