GMA LIVE! (01.10.14)

Check out the funniest moments of the week from 'GMA' and 'GMA Live!'
3:00 | 01/10/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (01.10.14)
-- I think. He wanted to go to -- with a well yeah it's in Chicago there were no reason to hang out -- colder and we just. -- -- At the end of a week young -- and -- -- It's your flights out but again -- know. I had -- -- details about it definitely I would like my bags back. Please take -- time. Later Donovan joins us now have a very good news for -- but he's got some big news here as well just. I'm not politics from the bachelor. I don't really know how to process let's just happen to -- But I think that the ladies of the house -- theater vets -- had come and I'll -- while publishing a comment. He simply played like you have baby I don't find that it -- is that this is the -- what is the most girly thing about it. -- -- We couldn't get denied and without that was -- The other seven genitals I have to. -- -- break it all kinds of very destructive and I'm so sorry. Voices from my job so if you're lucky we ginger and I -- do -- -- you can have a you'd never know what's -- -- and her husband Jim and I mean that it is column I have been named Tanya throat and we call them love names people on campus but one more time summation of the and that. I had not because -- not on weekend anymore I didn't. See your close call ginger I mean please -- Tim -- I -- wish you were there during yes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- is Ron. -- -- falling yes because you're OK we're all very -- -- -- -- -- laughter in your ear on the night. Happily down they really going down and -- -- in my -- will. Naked and then Clark might be the first few times because -- -- ship at the moment it didn't turn out that way. -- You know people are not for -- and jumped in his ankle did something funny look down. I don't know Pete Rose he was old he was doing -- it -- me. I mean. Point at this point and -- forgiven him. -- I forgave him by about the end of this you know we have today after checking back in if he'd died right. I am bringing over for Josh Josh. I hope I do -- Just bear with me when -- -- -- allowed to joke -- broke out of the job action could. Without them back have become a -- Twitter overnight he even there is trending over the polar vortex -- a lot of people actually feared the worst because he's very trendy people I don't know something happened to him. Not at all it was actually used performance on its own rap categories on the show contestants -- to -- which -- trip back was. Impersonating. Let's see how -- character Alex. Don't push me because I'm close to the -- -- trying not to lose my head around this pioneering. Master George Scott at a more active Grandmaster Flash is -- pretty easy for help pilots excited. There's not yeah it's not a part changed from a common theme -- close and personal with drought relief yeah. -- -- -- Yeah yeah I mean -- I like it is written about a year. So here's of -- of its Friday. Here's what happens many -- out on the definite news. -- -- -- -- -- They're very united they're -- by the way yeah. In Minnesota and it is not bully but -- different consent holy month. Yeah. The only yeah we -- they didn't so it looks like. It's kind of like a -- that I hear us now someone may send me -- -- I'd get a college -- nation and a little. That went into my -- he wanted to -- -- someone who failed at it -- horrible they're going to -- Know what your friends. This is not and we do not want to. And -- doing you have to have a certain level of -- they cannot just be. Below freezing began his show boiling water rapids north it would not work and saying I don't work better with -- that know what they're doing. Under apparently prevented completely -- you that you can -- -- him their experimental work I don't know that we'll. Against Atlanta and finally. It is back to school today. For Prince William -- is beginning of course an agricultural management. At Cambridge University all to prepare -- future job. Running the property -- inherits when his father becomes king he commuted to Cambridge. By train from London even reportedly sat in a public car with other passengers which. George -- -- exceeded by standing upright. Walking on two feet all with opposable thumbs how about that and I'll -- he put his pants on one leg at a time this morning I got -- -- athletics. -- -- -- -- -- War and made something very affectionately that people at eleven. Tips as the polymers kind of that he animation that opened a segment -- art of the complaint case. -- did not didn't like I was not there. But -- had audio beginning immediately it was sometimes sad time day both women battling. Yeah. -- department yeah. Attending we never Connecticut and added I -- allegedly -- -- -- -- -- snow was reported by our very own rob. And Brian and want to hear that again ready. -- -- I don't I know I'm not. -- didn't like our very own you know and out of what. The stars get together with what I heard the fire back room together but if I had to get help that -- -- any of your accidentally accident my favorite -- you -- yeah. Wouldn't it iPad -- -- -- -- It's so good -- cold morning. They don't know about what little Billy Billy Holliday. -- all you know I only have. I didn't right now until we might have come bearing gaps where we'll do the honor I -- iron gates home -- around here. This is -- it's a week. -- -- -- right here. All I -- I was going to be in the fifth that that I know at least six months and he is. Pretty -- the big I'm I had to get -- -- -- I now you know why they call -- -- I can't stop. I haven't bad I'm yelling things and mark craft night -- -- in the bar is treating accident this morning chaos and -- That's good news -- -- the name of the coalition. Really is located in Brooklyn. Your New York City want to give a shout out to -- -- gold rallied more than. GO LDP -- -- wild black people but I dot com for. Up until the middle really isn't anything -- really take your kids tell you that I married and my kids I mean me. And wouldn't be here if -- I don't know you know what's -- It's crap but I crack -- we'll compete as a teen for his country will they be allies CN -- -- not. Look I'm -- little if -- night. -- -- -- -- ready yet and may -- Only if only you -- you're just days without Mac -- plan. I had not seen before he had already made to -- song is like. -- -- -- I well I don't I'll never forget and Texas to get my dad wore old -- that's still around -- I tell you something the end of my top and it. -- -- -- They weren't smoking and. Check out Pete -- I get so excited by the prospects -- involving prominent guy didn't hardly contain himself. You know -- Yeah -- -- free -- and I'd like his dad never got that people -- but leave healthy and I AM this is how -- That's rule breaking -- after an idle and okay. Fiftieth. Annual -- eleven calorie free I now. They -- they're all very. Wind up getting in the water like every union. You're hydrating Maine that I would that I need to block it. The only company hit by the way -- is great he loves the -- soon enough. Cool to like they don't even know we have to get your head of the day who doesn't love and you work today goes to find that the Italian Greyhound. Who unlike the other apparently hate filling out -- -- All. I'm probably -- it's not quite what it's an -- -- couldn't tell him. Diet and that they actually and -- -- the young guys made her much anticipated first all of the -- Has that I -- many -- doesn't join -- -- may want to look for in the person inside that -- Might relax in Fox News this morning apparently Siri Apple's -- artificial intelligence out but she did not. Like being compared to a movie counterpart. In the -- -- Jones movie called car. Johansson takes on the voice of a very tight system and when the heart of watching CNN -- -- -- I'm impressed when asked if she is. -- as battling -- lesson they'll get in my opinion she gives -- official until. I'm half serious doubts about it. She and do -- he had underwent. -- -- when have to -- anything in common with Johansson here -- -- -- you know that's just a movie right. Yeah I'd like this and -- dog I don't know if you haven't met go to Delhi. May god and it popular man I'm telling you people love dog when a business plan when -- -- William -- -- -- On Sunday at packing my bags and the moments. That I packed my bags if this is the -- they get. -- -- -- -- -- -- to me. Police say however Josh and Sam. Out of their -- now -- -- -- if you the island and myself that it that I. Don't yell at -- -- depression they -- in the -- happy because -- all together you know what I I indicated I -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's writing eyewitness that was that you can't -- -- -- by the way thank you she isn't. -- -- -- I did you do if you -- -- -- -- trying to -- -- -- -- review I don't look at that something because he'd be going off all you have to do is talk to be -- of the week exactly. What I -- and we're trying to experiment with making sure he was part of this left -- the -- Bechtel. No we're just testing the product you receive -- thank you. Perfect fool you for putting -- I really bad -- that I.

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