GMA LIVE! (01.11.13)

Watch "GMA LIVE!" With Lara Spencer, Amy Robach and Dan Harris From Times Square.
3:00 | 01/11/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (01.11.13)
Yeah. I -- more GMA all day. And we're showing you some of our favorite moments of the morning. And also chat about what went on behind the scenes how we do it quick programming note starting Monday. We are gonna move the show a little bit earlier so that the minute we get off the air on GMA. We're gonna go right on GMA live. So that the stories the mayhem and madness are fresh in our mind -- will have more talk about it and answer to give you a little bit more on the story that we love. And it's all happening on Good Morning America to come on yeah you a Josh is -- I that's why Dan Harris is here. Okay. -- your cabinets he is in Vegas getting ready to judge -- America this weekend to the really big deal 53 women and down. It's they take it very seriously -- has been like sequestered. Here in Vegas you wanna go play you know -- like -- that's two dollars but most people want to gamble -- -- -- They're caught do anything it is baptists they have reminders watching my Internet -- they have -- is getting really really you have to be it's -- -- that these fantastic and his family here. -- -- -- But it's so that they didn't -- that luncheon that -- -- the contestants Stanley sometimes try to approach that. I may -- and an envelope. -- -- while I got -- who knows it could happen but I remember them being like. Yeah when I was a judge very sort of vocal and and wanting to and then the reminder is a few all the folks from Miss America really just don't want any interaction -- that there could be no impropriety even. -- soon -- -- -- that sound economic and sometimes cocktail parties and I -- to where -- can -- in mind. Right yeah I'm deeply don't wanna talk to you and that are not your fault -- -- also have an issue -- we wish you luck out -- we wish you luck to him her first ever GM in Manhattan right now I'm in the I have in my heart rates up like -- mom's -- yeah. I -- -- -- I went up panic attack. -- -- -- It over to our social media producer Andrew springer as he refuted talk tell us what you're talking about online -- you have people. Co -- looking forward to spending the weekend -- We did we did asset and Dan if you don't we man whose weekend I would be happy I did -- -- a -- -- -- -- it's -- go -- and -- we got -- -- around the perfection camp. -- It's funny that so we acquiesced people who do you understand that we can let my friend -- it's her -- so happy birthday -- differently. -- I was -- season after how old she was an apparent. Pac ten easy way to end the season looking forward to watching the playoffs with her -- -- fan. Fiance. And I am hoping you want hey serious that's -- -- -- that their very faces. She's she's great she's -- all the time we have but can the iMac came face and then our friend -- treated and said his son. It's -- backlog and a son Ryan. -- That's a -- -- stand with you or that's awesome I want to get a special -- because our friend Jessica -- us. -- with a volatile gas and she's going back to school after twenty years. To be a -- -- Look for her seeking come on the show that pastries -- I want I think I've had a day. Is from a Tracy who worked for Walt Disney world business hello kitty. No luck and we're saying have a magical day for Traci. And -- No -- with his ball of yarn. Anyway so excited about -- big announcement on Monday yes -- Larry -- act an act of a lot of speculation -- online -- incidents. There has and I had to -- -- an idiotic and I don't even know what the announcement is being kept very secret yeah I mean we don't really know the -- -- either which is actually helpful because. Two hours a lot you could make a mistake that you just don't know are actually not at the holds a lot of -- -- Yes -- that particular your best -- that makes you do you wanna tune into GMA on Monday for that and of course -- on Bob we've been talking about it. Jump starting -- January. And this morning our friend Tory Johnson stopped by the special editions deals and steals. Ways to. OK and and I'll be upset special -- -- vote. We do especially Gmail add bonus of this company's -- my spotlight and I think it's perfect because did you just say you're starting in January with the panic -- Yeah. -- -- as a candidate. I might I'm leaving out you know authorities say that because you don't want me to -- you try around one of these things right now. -- Yeah line. As far as I know they're easy for you okay these are gloves you -- -- moisturizing lead singer and -- -- -- and would not enough I can't nobody important at all that stand gonna -- -- -- -- -- -- Get the easy job of not having to mess up -- I. Think -- at all I think it's. Why not help you here I'll help you I don't tell me does well. She amazingly. Seeing I'm a little bit today got an easy Briggs and you don't have to be -- -- like we are here don't. -- I'm gonna help you. As soon as a lot. -- Please -- And I. I'm completely. Messing up and she did it yet again the argument and what -- really did this isn't the answer I was really put it on the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- make it happen this is the last time all I will be on Deanna -- I think. Yeah. It is -- hockey -- Okay. You know I feel like that I feel like I'm gonna win a big journalism. Yeah. I didn't stand going to be -- -- man and mom and -- ever since you began you can select sprint makes a huge assortment and these products. I'm panic at the USU they may like twenty dollars and up -- TV -- weren't and the parents with -- -- didn't do the -- -- on your shoulder. When it comes to write volumes of news steals and deals literally get this thing out and -- -- This show is only fifteen yeah. It's hanging out recently the next thing I'm front right now getting married him I think it'll be. All right time now I read here very -- crazy video on another planet that is -- -- viral people caught on tape reacting to that driver. That car window drivers to drive through window and the man behind plan to stop signs warning notice how he didn't -- costs. We'll be ready because he got communities you her -- -- -- -- -- Look at -- there was an accident there's a -- showing us on CNN how do you all right -- he doesn't. I don't know I didn't know -- we have trying to little and you. -- Okay. Okay. But like I have to throw hot desert -- like -- you can put this on the. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yet basically I did a video odd couple months ago and there was how would drive -- feet. -- -- And what I did was I went to a whole -- store and actually bought it they can. And that's. Because -- like you know foundation like just match my -- -- look real made it may delivery of this certainly looked too real but. Basically had to basically -- -- cars. -- -- -- Q -- yeah. Dan. What I believe and so whenever they would tell me -- hope you told me their total oh. At the drive through. That I would give them my credit card and Illinois taken out and how he's going to who'll like that and -- yeah. Public -- do you like to torture people it would and I -- me two could. -- people. Do you have an idea many other hobbies I have. Maybe -- I'm not absolutely absolutely it's been it's been a plastic you know what -- what's your next -- can you tell us. -- -- -- -- I'm Morgan I'm warned of more drivers -- -- I'm actually going on tour on this of the call prank or so this is really turning to business. Joining -- to really really don't know why I drive thru employees -- and I. I don't know what -- they get yeah today get off they really give -- the best yet because -- -- a lot of people. You know. Great time in a -- but you know something like this is a mixed day. They -- wasn't an accident you're really an intimate. That's actually the one where he kept like looking opening according -- the window. Com how. I was transparently a feeling and thoughtfully -- and Al Michaels -- -- did the last minute are you laugh underneath the -- argue that it's really hard sometimes. I -- -- like. They're interaction. And it's really hard to you know can I keep my composure on the I'm really get it to be a straight face but sometimes the -- that was say it would be really kind of hard to like you know two. -- composure. Yeah is that I'm against public goes. You know our hot we should do something we should brainstorm and let's get Sam and Josh -- get that -- here. Lot -- -- Conrad. Have cut because you know what they just got me really bad they pumped me on the tennis court and masses -- gardening -- my entire. The world of -- -- so I owe them and I think you're just the man to do it. -- came up in the state are I had a lot of -- only. And I think come on that people -- -- to shake your hand to. Yeah another extremity could fall on -- tighten up. Up up up that's got up extra run two major music mogul Justin Timberlake Jessica existing page you had a net net leprosy humor. We now have -- tell -- that I tell my Justin. But Timberlake is bringing sexy back after a six year you -- that I am I yeah. That's debatable. He's making a comeback hosting a dramatic announcement on his web -- promising something will be released at the beginning of next week. Can't wait for -- another big comeback from one of the that -- is pop groups ever Destiny's Child getting back together. -- -- Fiance announced Thursday they've got some new music on the way the group split up back in 2005. A lot of people remember that and that the new album. Political love's sons comes out in January. When you know. That's great -- had a question for you got question for you let us now and you let us know people are saying online who would you rather see in a comeback concert Timberlake. We're Destiny's Child -- about you guys. I think -- -- Yeah a child for sure. Well yeah Timberlake -- I I realize I'm not -- -- Timberlake showed up with -- Andy Samberg and they did a little lonely island's you know they do and it's on the genetics is great comedic chops with an incredible music that's a concert I wouldn't have some -- and that this. To dance and laugh and is what we hope to do it has me jump start January thank you off hey Dan thanks for the film. Okay. I had right yeah yeah relay didn't slow really an excellent -- local high. I'm Passworder when I mean everybody I suspect that little -- yeah. Leather that yeah I don't think I'm -- if any time that you had closed an agreement that on the you don't. Put her minor starting my -- catch -- live right here in -- and as soon as Jimmy and and then of course don't forget Robin has a huge announcement -- Monday morning on good morning there.

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